5 easy home remedies for insomnia to end your sleepless night

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Having trouble falling asleep? It must be very painful. Let me share these 8 home remedies for insomnia to end your sleepless night. 

We now live in a rapidly developing society. We face too many opportunities and changes every day. We must further strengthen our comprehensive ability to follow the step of  time development. Everyday we put all our energy into learning and work, this leads to severe exhaustion. This kind of exhaustion always causes some mental problems, such as anxiety and stress. These psychological problems finally lead to insomnia. In fact, you are not alone, according to research, as many as one in five adults suffer from insomnia. It is very painful for them. So they try to find some home remedies for insomnia to end the sleepless night.

Insomnia includes more than just you could not fall asleep at night. It also includes that you  take a very long time to fall asleep and you always get up in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, you feel very sleepy after you get up. You feel that you did not get a full rest through your sleep. Maybe, this thing is an occasion that happens to you, maybe it always happens. However, we define this kind of phenomenon as insomnia. 

This problem comes up only occasionally for most people. For example, they have an exam tomorrow, their fearness to the exam leads to insomnia. But the insomnia will disappear after the exam. This could not be counted as insomnia. Only this phenomenon lasts some days, even some month, then it is seen as insomnia.

Except we know what is insomnia, we also should know the damage of insomnia. Without question, it is painful for them. But the negative effects are beyond your imagination. Then you will realise that it is very important to look for some home remedies for insomnia.  The negative effects mainly include the 5 aspects.

  1. It weaken the immune system, making you more easy to getting sick
  2. It cause elevated blood pressure and can increase the risk of heart disease
  3. It cause some mental problem, such as depression and anxiety
  4. It makes you have some focus problems, you could not work very well at work.

Now that we know it has so many negative effects on our health. We should take it seriously. Since it will become more and more serious if we do not cure it timely. Now let me share some  home remedies for insomnia to  solve this problem quickly.

1.Medicine–home remedies for insomnia 

I believe every person hears about sleep pills. Many people think sleep pills could cure insomnia. In fact, it not only could not cure insomnia, but also make our body dependent on it. We could not fall asleep if we stopped eating it. So we should not take this kind of sleep pills any longer. 

Melatonin is not a traditional sleep pill. Melatonin is a hormone which your body could produce naturally. It sends signals to your brain that you should go to sleep. So melatonin has become a popular sleeping aid.

What’s more, Studies show that melatonin could improve daytime sleep quality . This is particularly beneficial for people whose schedules require them to sleep during the daytime.  And it is the quickest home remedies for insomnia. But we do not know if there are any side effects so far. 

Home remedies for insomnia

2. Exercise—home remedies for insomnia 

We don’t work in the same way as we did 10 years ago, so less and less people do physical activity work today. We sit in our chairs and stare at our computer for more than 8 hours every day. We lie down in the coach and watch TV after we end our work. God! What do we miss everyday? Yes, that is exercise.

In fact, the benefits of exercise are more beyond your imagination. As we all know exercise could improve our immune system and promote our blood circulation function. Except for this, exercise is also rated as the most useful home remedies for insomnia.  According to many research from health experts, you could get a very good sleep if you exercise one hour every day. Even if you exercise half an hour one day, your sleep quality will improve markedly. 

Why is exercise a effective home remedies for insomnia? The principle isn’t entirely known, but health experts say that it could have to do with exercise’s ability to improve feelings of relaxation and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. So if you want to sleep very well, please insist on doing some exercise. You’d better do it in the morning. It might be even  more beneficial, according to research.

3. Meditation—home remedies for insomnia 

home remedies for insomnia

Meditation has a very long history, it originated from India. Initially, Meditation was only done by Indian monks. Afterwards, it spread to western countries and gradually became accepted. Now, it is very popular all over the world.  It has many important effects on people’s health. It could lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation level. More importantly, regular meditation practice could help to promote sleep by slowing breathing and reducing stress hormone levels. It is rated as the best home remedies for insomnia, it could cure this problem forever. 

“ I’m a strong advocate of mindfulness and meditation for relaxation,” says Professor White, who recommends shutting off electronics before bed and sitting quietly, focusing on deep breathing. 

You could feel the change after you do meditation after some time, but you’d better do it everyday. At first, it is a little hard for you to focus for such a long time, but do not rush, take a deep breath, try to focus again every time when your mind goes to some other place. You will be surprised by the benefits it brings you.

4. Change your lifestyle—home remedies for insomnia

The human body just like a full-featured circulation system. If you want your body to run normally, you need to operate it according to certain rules. For example, If you want to fall asleep at a certain time everyday, then you need to get up at the same time everyday, even on the weekend. Your body will form a circulation during these times, just like installing an alarm clock in your body. You will get up at this time every morning.

It also has some other aspects to assist you to operate your body more efficiently. You should turn on all the electronic devices one hour before you go to sleep. Since the blue light from your telephone hints your brain you should not fall asleep now. So you will take a long time to fall asleep after you turn off your telephone. 

You could eat something which could help your body relax, so you could fall asleep more quickly.  Chamomile tea and a warm milk is a good choice. Chamomile tea has been used as a relaxation aid for centuries. It could help to calm the nerves, reduce anxiety, and ease insomnia. And warm milk is an excellent source of calcium, which helps the brain make melatonin.

So changing your lifestyle is the easiest home remedies for insomnia. You do not need to put in too much time and energy, you just need to remember it and do it everyday.

5. Spa—home remedies for insomnia


Could not relax very well is the most reason for insomnia. So you should think about how to relax yourself. I suppose Spa is a very good method to relax you. It is through heat treatment to stimulate blood circulation and initiate the purifying process. Furthermore, It is through body wraps to remineralize the body, re-charge the body with nutrients and elements, boosting moisture in the skin, helping to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind. So it  not only improves your circulation system but also cures your insomnia.

But Spa also has some disadvantages, such as being too far away from your home and too expensive for some people. So Spa is rated as the expensive home remedies for insomnia. Now some massager device could replace Spa in some aspects. It is very cheap and easy to use. When you use a good foot massager after a tired day, you feel totally relaxed. 

If you want to try one,  I would recommend this air compression therapy leg foot massager. It could massage your leg and foot through air pressure. It has 360 degree adjustable support bar, allowing you to secure the kneading massager to the percent angle and focus on the area where you really need a shiatsu therapy massage such as feet, arm and leg. It is also an electric heated foot massager which could improve your blood circulation level through the heated function. It is equipped with timer function, programmed with 15 minutes auto shut-off to ensure safety, and overheating protection. Now Foot massager is rated as the popular home remedies for insomnia.

Insomnia is a very common problem in modern society, but it is also a suffering problem. I sincerely hope everybody could cure your insomnia with these home remedies. If you think my article is useful for you, please share it with your friends, maybe they also need it. 


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