5 simple ways to stop feeling tired all the time

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Every person has its mission or a source of pleasure. But for me, I want to use my writing to bring useful information to those people who may need some help in some ways. And This article I want to share some scientific-proven and simple ways about how to stop feeling tired all the time. 

Are you familiar with the sentence– “why do I feel so tired all the time?” Do you often hear it from your family members or colleagues recently? Many people wonder why this happens? Is it because of a lack of nutrition in our bodies? I do not think so. According to the survey most of the people lived in a life of substance abundance, even though in some poverty-stricken areas, people could meet the basic material request.

Innutrition is no longer a common problem now. It could not be the reason for feeling tired all the time. So we want to know the exact reason for this problem. Only if we know the reason, we could take some targeted action to cure this problem which make us feeling tired all the time.

I hope my article is useful, but more importantly I do not want to mislead my readers. In order to explore this problem, I read plenty of medical books and survey data about what make us feeling tired all the time . According to data reported by random check of between 12 and 65 years of age, It shows that 8 out of 10 people are female, and the age group is mainly concentrated in 20-40 years of age. Then let me explain why this happens. There are mainly 6 reasons for this problem. After i list all the reasons then i will provide some useful ways to help you stop feeling tired all the time.

1. Poor sleep quality is the main reason for feeling tired all the time.

As we all know, adult people should sleep around 7-9 hours one day. But the latest research data shows that the average sleeping time for adult people all around the world is less than 6 hours. That sounds scary! Sleeping plays an important role in keeping us healthy. Such as, Our organs eliminate toxins through sleeping procedures. Some small problems of our body could be fixed through sleeping procedures. Our brain could be refreshed through sleeping procedures and so on. If we did not get enough sleep, our body could not get enough rest, we are more likely to feeling tired all the time. Except for sleeping time, the quality of sleeping is also very important. 

Sleep cycles includes four phases: light sleep phase, moderate sleep, deep sleep, every cycle lasts around two hours. The cycles could be repeated 5 times, this could guarantee our energy would be charged again. When we are in a light sleep phase, we always feel connected with the surroundings. We will wake up if there is small noise. When we go into deep sleep, the surrounding noise could not wake us up. Once the sleeping cycles are broken, it will restart from the first sleeping cycle. Deep sleep plays an important role for our body and brain recovery. This is because we feel relaxed when we are in deep sleep, so the physical and fascia also could be recovered.

2.spirit stress is an important reason for feeling tired all the time.

Without pressure, we could not get progress. Pressure is the motivation for us to strive in some ways. But it will also do harm to us if the pressure is too heavy and lasts too long, and it will make us in a nervous state all the time, so it will go against our work and studies, especially for those people who are under pressure for long-term. Scientific research has shown that Long -term stress can increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease,high blood pressure and even cancer. Once we have these diseases, we do not have enough energy, so we are more likely to feeling tired all the time. 

Now we live in a fast development society, we meet too many changes and opportunities, so we take more pressure than seniors. When we live under such heavy pressure, which will lead to many mental problems such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and even mental disorders. Those kinds of diseases could consume our energy and make us feel very passive which could cause us feeling tired all the time. Some serious mental problems would affect our sleeping quality, So it cycles to the first reason which causes us feeling tired all the time. So we could take the pressure problem very seriously. It causes heavy damage to our body.

3.Bad blood circulation is a big reason for feeling tired all the time.

We always hear people say that Good blood circulation is essential to good health. But we do not understand the principle. In fact, the principle is very simple. Our physical activity needs energy, the process of generating energy needs oxygen, oxygen needs to be delivered to our whole body through blood circulation. Now we can understand why those people who have a good blood circulation look more energetic. If for some reason, our blood circulation is very  bad, then we are more likely to feeling tired all the time. So we could know the importance of blood circulation.

Our body not only delivers the oxygen but also excludes toxin through the blood circulation process. So it plays an important role in our body. Our health condition depends on our blood circulation to a large extent. The level of blood circulation is affected by many factors, such as the healthy level of our heart which takes charge of providing motivation to promote the blood flow inside of our body, the consistency of blood and the temperature inside of our body. Research shows that A person who has a relatively high temperature is more likely to have a good circulation. When we know the factor of influence, we could take some targeted action to improve our blood circulation.

4.malnutrition is a small reason for feeling tired all the time

As I have mentioned before, with the fast development of the society, the malnutrition problem has almost disappeared in most of the country and areas. But some people still have malnutrition problems, some of them live in very poor countries and areas, but most of them have this problem because of themselves. Why would I say that? Some females who want to keep slim so they would not eat any meat or high energy food. Different food is made of  different nutrient substances, each of the nutrient substances play an important role in our body. Any of these deficiency problems could cause us feeling tired all the time.

This is because different nutrient elements play a different role in our body. Nutrient elements refer to those chemical components which could provide energy for our body and help the tissue to recover itself, more importantly it could promote the biological regulatory function. For example: a protein which is contained in eggs, meat, and so on is the material basis of all life. It involves regulation of material metabolism and physiological function to make sure the organic growth, breed, inheritance, and energy supply. Fat which is contained in the meat is the source of energy. It helps the body to absorb the lipid-soluble vitamin and protect our visceral organ, increase the heat loss, and keep your body temperature.

5.Some disease or special phase are reasons for feeling tired all the time

Some diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure would cause people to feel tired all the time. I have mentioned the effects of the heart which could affect the blood circulation. The person who has heart disease would have a bad blood circulation, so they are more likely to have the feeling tired all the time. For those people who have diabetes could not eat high nutrition food, so they are more likely to have the problem of nutrition deficiency which could lead them feeling tired all the time.

Another common problem for feeling tired all the time is anemia. As we all know, anemia problems always cause us fatigue problems. female people are more likely to have the anemia problem, this may have some connection with the month period. So we should take some effective actions for this period. Except for the month period, pregnancy is another phase we are more likely to have the anemia problem. This is mainly because of the mounting consumption of nutrition by the baby. This is an inevitable phase but we could use some ways to improve this situation. So as to we no longer feel tired all the time.

Now we know the main reason for feeling tired all the time, we should learn some effective ways to eliminate it. If not, it could affect our lives seriously. Here I want to share these 5 scientific-proven ways for this fatigue problem. I hope you all could read it carefully.

1. Improve sleeping quality is an effective way to stop feeling tired all the time

ways to stop feeling tired all the time

Now we know the importance of good sleeping, we should take some effective ways to improve our sleeping quality. I think these 3  ways are very useful for all the people.

1.Do not do lots of exercise before sleep. When we do lots of exercise, our heart beats faster and promotes blood circulation. Our bodies are in a very excited state after the exercise. It needs at least 2 hours to calm down. So we should not do lots of exercise within two hours before going to bed, but we could do some stretching exercise to relax ourselves.

2.Do not drink too much water before sleep. Water is a necessary substance for our body, but we should not drink it too much especially before sleep. If we drink too much water before sleep, then we are likely to go to toilets. As I have mentioned before, sleep has its own cycles. If we wake up in the deep sleep period, then it will restart from the light sleep period, this would affect our sleeping quality, so we will feel tired all the time.

3.Do not play your phone before sleep. According to the scientific research, the blue light on the phone could block the secretion of melatonin which is an important substance for our sleep. If there is on adequate melatonin, our brain will stay sober, so we do not feel sleepy. No matter how late we go to bed, we have to get up early and go to work, so we will feel tired all the time.

4.Do not talk too much before sleep: When you chat with somebody, your brain begins to organise the language, it becomes more active. Especially, when you are interested in this convention, you will become more and more excited. Your brain needs at least 1 hours to calm down. So it will shorten your sleeping time and your brain will not get enough rest. The next day  you will feel tired all the time. 

Advice: Sleep plays an important role in restoring your vitality, so please pay attention to these things. You could drink a small glass of water, it could help you fall asleep more quickly. Do not lie down on the bed If you have some trouble falling asleep on some special night. You could get up to read some relaxing books. Do not count sheep, it does not work and make you feel more nervous. 

2.Relax yourself is a good way to to stop feeling tired all the time

ways to stop feeling tired all the time

1. Yoga is a good way to relax yourself. Many people do yoga just because it could help you to lose weight. In fact, the effects of yoga are more than that. Except to improve your balance ability and flexibility, it also could help you to relax yourself. More precisely speaking, Relaxation is the ultimate goal of yoga. If you could not relax yourself, yoga is a good choice.

2.Meditation is a meaningful way to relax yourself. Meditation has a very long history. It originates from old Indian. At that time, only monks and priests could do meditation. It adds some mysterious color for meditation. Afterwards, it was brought to Europe by some missionaries. People find it is very useful for those people who have some mental problem. It began to be accepted by audiences and became more and more popular all over the world. Doing meditation 5 minutes one day, you feel more energetic after you insist on it for several months. The “ feeling tired all the time” will go away.

3.Stay away from your work is a simple way to relax yourself. According to a social survey, more than 80% of people believe the main source of pressure comes from work. When you get back home, You plan to have a good rest while lying down on the couch. The thoughts about work flocking to you like the tidewater, You feel suffocated when the tidewater flocking to you again and again. Can you imagine that picture? It is so terrible. So try some ways to get away from work after you get back to home.

4.Travel is an effective way to relax yourself. According to a new study, nature has magic to make us relax. So we should go into nature at the weekend. It is very useful for us to relax. Through deep relax we could eliminate the physical problem which keep us feeling tired all the time.

My advice: Feeling relaxed is a very comfortable state, except that not every person could enjoy this feeling. If you are one of them, try the above method to relax yourself. It is not difficult but it needs some practice. I believe you could get rid of the feeling tired all the time after you insist on these methods.

3.Boost blood circulation is a useful way to stop feeling tired all the time

ways to stop feeling tired all the time

1.Exercise:As I have mentioned many times before, exercise is the most direct way to boost your blood circulation. Only if you have a smooth blood circulation, your body could get enough oxygen to generate energy, And you could feel charged and refreshed. Especially for those people who need to sit before the desk more than 8 hours one day, they really need lots of exercise to improve the blood circulation or they are more likely to have the feeling tired all the time. 

2.Massage: Massage is a very traditional method to boost blood circulation. Therapists use their hand or elbow to stimulate your acupoint. It could effectively resolve the vascular congestion issues. Old people are more likely to have vascular congestion issues, they should do massages more often. Once a week is an appropriate frequency

3.Sauna: Taking a sauna is a good way to boost your blood circulation. It takes advantage of the steam to stimulate your body, make your veins contract and expand repeatedly. So it could accelerate the flow of blood. Through the flow procedure, the veins could deliver the useful substance to different parts and take out the Toxins and wastes.

4.Massage Machine: Massage machine almost has the same effects as the real massage. It is much cheaper and convenient. The top-rated massage machine is the best reflexology foot massager, it could massage the acupoint of our feet. Through the stimulating to our feet acupoint, blood circulation could be boosted very well. So It is a powerful blood circulation foot massager.

Our shiatsu foot massager machine have received many good reviews from our customer, this shiatsu foot massager is rated as the best electric foot massager. Except to massage the foot, it also could massage the calf and leg. So it is seen as an automatic leg and foot massager. You really could say it is a multifunction massage machine. Using the shiatsu foot massage while listening to some quiet muscle, it is so comfortable. It not only promotes your blood circulation but also could make you feel relaxed. It is worth every penny.

4.Diversification of diet is a simple way to stop feeling tired all the time

ways to  stop feeling tired all the time

Our body is made up of many cells, Cells cannot grow without a variety of substances. Our body includes 8 types of nutrient substance, each of them is an essential part for our body. Different nutrient substances exist in different foods, so we should make our diet diversification. Only through this, we could get adequate nutrients from our meal. Especially for old people and pregnant women, they should take some nutrient supplement. Since they could not get the nutrient they needed from the meal. Deficiency nutrients always make you feel tired all the time, This has been proved by science. 

5.Early examination and treatment is a good way to stop feeling tired all the time

If the “feeling tired all the time” issue has lasted a long time, do not neglect it. Maybe some disease happened in your body. So go to the hospital and take some examinations. Some diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes consume you too much energy. It is very normal to feel tired all the time if you have these diseases. If you really have been caught by any disease, prompt treatment is the best choice. With the improvement of medicine, most diseases could be cured if diagnosed in early period. So do not hesitate if you feel some unusual thing in your body.

As we all know, fatigue problems have many bad damages to our body, more importantly it would affect our work and study. We could not focus on our work because we feel tired all the time. Long- term fatigue problems also cause some mental problems, such as depression, anxiety and so on. So we should take it very seriously. Even though this fatigue problem is very common in modern society, it is not difficult to cure it. You just need to remember the ways I have stated before and insist on doing it everyday. You could feel the change after you insisted for several months. You will feel energetic and refreshed.


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