6 amazing natural remedies for anxiety

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Mental problems are very common in today’s society. From the Children’s  Autism to young people’s anxiety, mental problems have been involved in people of all ages. According to the figures, Suicide rate grows every years caused by mental problem. In all mental problem, Anxiety and depression are the two major causes of commit suicide. So It should attract the attention of everyone. Here are 6 amazing natural remedies for anxiety to help someone who suffers from this mental problem. I hope that you could rescue yourself using these useful guidance.

Before we decide to use these natural remedies for anxiety. We should know what anxiety is. The definition of anxiety in medicine is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. I guess you are still confused about which degree of fear should be seen as anxiety. Stress for your next day interview, fear your speech in front of 200 people, Is this belong to anxiety? 

As a matter of fact, Generating stress is very normal when we are in the face of some huge event. This is because we take this thing very seriously. At some point, it could help us to perform better. Ordinary stress is only a feeling that goes very fast, but does not interfere with your daily life, But anxiety is a thing which would follow you all day long. No matter what you do, it always circles in your brain. It feels more like your shadow, you could not get rid of it. This feeling is very painful, It could cause many harm to you.

Firstly, it will affect your confidence. Confidence, optimism and humor are the characteristics which most people want to own. A person with confidence always has the courage to do everything, they are not afraid of any difficulty. They believe they could get what they want through hard work. Even though they also feel stress when they meet some huge event, this feeling would go away with the things ending. So it will not change their confident characters, they still have the courage to do everything they want even though they encounter some setbacks and failures.

But the person who has the anxiety problem always doubts themselves. Before they have a speech in front of 200 people, they need to do some preparting work. At this time, those negative emotion words continually come out to their mind. They ask themselves if they have the ability to give a speech in front of so many people, or they begin to think about what they could do if the audience does not like the speech. So they can not help to think of a solution to deal with their speech failures. At the moment, the preparting work was totally replaced by your inner activity. So we could predict the outcome which is exactly like you think about.

You are so sad for this result. Meet this result, The person who has confidence will try their best to find out why they failed and think about how to improve themselves in the future. They believe this small thing could not change their life. They will forget it after some days. But the person who has anxiety problems could not get out of the shadow of this failure. They are reluctant to try to find  some ways to improve themselves instead they begin to doubt themselves. “Am I too stupid”,” If I doom to failure for anything” and other similar negative emotions.

When this Self-denying emotion comes out, it will create a snow-balling effect if you do not take any action. It’s getting worse and worse. You believe all failures contribute to your ability not your effort. You blame yourself for all the things. You are reluctant to take any new change, because you do not think you have that ability. You become less and less confident. Now, you are really need some natural remedies for anxiety.

The lack of self-confidence could intensify your anxiety, since you begin to worry about everything which needs your involvement. This anxiety feeling like a huge net gradually swallows you. You feel sadness and helplessness. By now, It not only affects your confidence but also affects your behavior. You even do not want to go out or take any activity. If you still do not take any effective ways to fight with it, the situation will get much worse as times goes on. Until one day, you are fed up with these suffering, you choose to end your life.

Secondly, it will affect your work.  According to a data display, more than 80% Anxiety patients are adults, This is because children are still under parents protection when there is some disaster happening. But this problem is continually getting younger-age trends in recent years, many children are so smart, they could realise many things even their parents did not tell them. Most anxiety problems are caused by massive upheaval, such as family departed, marriage breakdown and so on. So Living in a peaceful environment is one of the natural remedies for anxiety.

If children have anxiety problems, they could not put their focus on study, so their scores are bound to go down. Then they do not have the chance to go to university to learn more knowledge. This is very unfortunate, so we should put more attention on our children, especially as their test scores go down. Because sometimes they do not want to share their secret with their parents. We should take these natural remedies for anxiety to help them.

If adult people have anxiety problems. Not only do they put their focus on work, but also they are resculant to take challenges in their jobs. Their greatest hope is to finish the job which their boss assigned to them. They didn’t hold out any hope of making progress in their work. So the anxiety could affect one’s behavior in work. Without it, they may become an aggressive person who wants to win every battle in their job. So you really need these natural remedies for anxiety to rescue yourself, If you are suffering with anxiety problems. 

Thirdly, it will affect your health. As we all know, anxiety problems cause the most direct effect is insomnia. I have mentioned the insomnia problem in my previous blog. The process of sleep is the process of detoxification. If we could not sleep very well, then the detoxification will be stocked in our body. This can damage many organs in our body. Our immune system will become weaker day by day. As a result, Many diseases such as cancer, renal failure and so on will appear.

In order to keep a good state during daytimes, Some people who have insomnia problems always choose to use some sleeping pills. Sleeping pills could indirectly damage our body, especially our brain. It could damage our central nervous system and make us more emotional and irritable. More importantly, we are easily addicted to sleeping pills. After some time, we could not fall asleep if we do not eat sleeping pills. A huge overdose of sleeping pills not only damages our brain, but also damages our stomach, kidney and other organs. These kinds of people really need some natural remedies for anxiety.

From a biological point of view, anxiety,depression and other emotional changes will influence our body’s endocrine level. The endocrine level’  balance is the funderment for our body being healthy. Any kind of endocrine goes up or down, there will be some disease. Such as myoma of uterus, breast cancer all caused by estrogen levels too high. So we should try our best to keep a mild mood, this is one of the most useful natural remedies for anxiety.

Except these direct harm, it also has some indirect harm to you. Such as influencing your relationship with your lover, making you unhappy and so on. Now, we have known the harm of anxiety. Next step we should use some  natural remedies for anxiety.

Your attitude is the natural remedies for anxiety

Which kind of person is more likely to have anxiety problems? According to research from HV university, There are two kinds of person—perfectionism and psychological fragility are more likely to have anxiety problems. Perfectionism people want to keep everything perfect, they can not accept any flaw. So they keep thinking and thinking every detail before they do anything. If there is any flaw in this thing, they could not let it go and keep thinking of it over and over. This character is likely to  trigger your anxiety potential as times go on. You become more sensitive to everything. 

So for these kinds of people the most natural remedies for anxiety is to change your attitude to everything. You should try to accept the imperfect. Only if you understand that there is no perfect in the world, you begin to unload your burden. You still try your best to do everything, but you do not care about the outcome. After a period of practice, your brain could get used to these new thinking ways. Your anxiety potential will not be triggered.

Another type of people who are more likely to have anxiety problems is psychological fragility. These kinds of people are usually born in a relatively wealthy family and they have a good talent in something. They live under their parents’ protection. I believe we all know these kinds of people, who always got high scores in testing and have many talent shows in evening parties. We call them “ everyone else’s child” in our country. 

These kinds of people are too stable for most of their life until they meet huge difficulties, such as failing the university exam, refused by a wonderful girl. Some of them are reluctant to accept this truth. They were stuck in the failure feelings and could not get out of it. This feeling easily to trigger their anxiety potential. If they do not use any natural remedies for anxiety, it will get worse. It evolves from the anxiety for one thing to the anxiety for all the things. We all do not want to see that happen.

For those kinds of people, their parents play a more important role than themselves. They should not give them overprotection. It is no good to them. They should ask their children involved in many things even if their children are not good at it. The children need to understand failure is a normal state for each one’s life. As their friends or relatives, we should help them to use these natural remedies for anxiety. It is really useful.

natural remedies for anxiety

2.Your mood is the natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety is a conditioned reflex when our brain thinks there might be some danger. Mild anxiety is the outcome of evolution. It makes us escape the danger situation.  But if it is too exaggerated and long lasting, it is harmful for our body. Our brain is just like a computer which has stock ability. If we meet any dangerous things, our brain will keep it in our memory. Anxiety is a reaction when our brain recognizes there are some similar things appear. Most of the time, our brain will exaggerate this thing, so it leads to our anxiety. So Change the way your brain thinks is a natural remedies for anxiety.

To address this situation, I believe the best solution is to clear our brain just like to clear the computer cache. The most useful way to clear our brain is meditation. Meditation has a long history, it originated from old india. Only monks are allowed to do meditation at that time, it is very sacred and mysterious. After a long time, it was spread to Europe, then more and more people began to know it. At the beginning, many people doubted its function. Until later, some scientists do a lot of experiments to verify its function. Now, we all know meditation is a scientific proof way to clear our minds meanwhile meditation is the good natural remedies for anxiety.

Just like any other exercise, meditation needs practice. At first, it is very difficult for us to get rid of all the thoughts from our mind, so we could start to do it within 5 minutes. After we could focus for 5 minutes, we could increase the time to 10 minutes or much longer. Meditation is a very useful way to avoid anxiety, but most importantly it is the natural remedies for anxiety. It is as dry as a chip, but there is one motto in our country “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.  

natural remedies for anxiety

       3. Your activity is the natural remedies for anxiety 

Many years ago, medical scientists noticed that those people who like exercise are more happy and not easy to have anxiety problems. So they do some research to study the relationship between exercise with anxiety. They find that the brain releases more endorphins when the people begin to exercise. Endorphins is a kind of neurotransmitter which could help people to take care of pain, stress and emotion. They take charge of generating the feeling of pleasure.So exercise is rated as the most natural remedies for anxiety. 

Except the release of endorphins, exercise also could shift your awareness. You will not be stuck in the circle to think about the worse things. After a lot of exercise, you must be very tired and you could fall asleep very well. So it could improve your sleeping quality and make you have more energy for your next day. You could feel the change after several months of exercise. You could realise that exercise is a useful natural remedies for anxiety.

Before you do exercise, do not forget to do some stretching activity. After you end your exercise, you could do some abdominal respiration. It could help you relax in a very quick way. It has the same effects with meditation. Except jogging and swimming, other exercises need to last at least half an hour. Then it could generate adequate endorphins. Many people like to use exercise as the natural remedies for anxiety. Believe me, You will feel more happy after you do some exercise. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let us do it from today.

natural remedies for anxiety

      4. Your lifestyle is the natural remedies for anxiety 

We do not know yet how much benefits a healthy lifestyle could bring to us. But we do notice that those people who have a healthy lifestyle are more happy. They usually do not have the mental problem, such as anxiety and depression. According to my observation, These kinds of people are more optimistic about all the things they meet, even if they are in face of some trouble they still show the upbeat in front of it.  So we could say that a healthy lifestyle is the natural remedy for anxiety. 

Then what is called a healthy lifestyle and why does it matter to us? A healthy lifestyle includes a regular routine, a healthy diet, some time for fun, having some friends to spend your leisure time such as going to a spa or bar, and having a lover to travel at the weekend. Those activities not only help you to live a healthy life, but also decrease the potential to have some mental problems. So try to live a healthy lifestyle, it is a natural remedies for anxiety.

The key point for a healthy life is knowing how to relax yourself. Shiatsu foot massage machine is a good choice. Many people try to search foot massager machines advertised on TV, some others try to search shiatsu foot massager on amazon. They want to buy the foot massager for the best price. But I think high cost-effectiveness is more important. This shiatsu foot massager is a foot massager with infrared heat. It is a very useful way to relax yourself. Relaxis a very natural remedies for anxiety.

Especially for the women who are more likely to have mental problems when they meet some trouble in their life. If they have some googling friend who is willing to listen to her problem and provide some practical advice. They may feel much better through chatting. Even though their trouble is still there, it could not cause damage as it used to be. So try your best to find some intimate friends who are the natural remedies for anxiety. 

      5. Your devotion is the natural remedies for anxiety

Have you ever noticed that clerks or monks do not have anxiety problems? If you keep a weather eye out, you could find these kinds of people always very happy or peaceful. What is the difference between them and us? I think the biggest difference is that we have different missions. For general public people like me, we only care about ourselves. If we earn enough money to go shopping, if we have a big house to live in, if we use a luxury bag to show our status and so on. So we’re easily swayed by considerations of gain and loss. 

For the clerks or monks who devoted themselves to serve people, they put their focus on all over the people. If they have enough food to survive, if they have the equal right to learn knowledge, if the poor people’s illness could be cured and so on.

They may not be as happy as some selfish people, but they will not have mental problems. They are very great. We should show our respect to them. Some people who are not clerks or monks also make great contributions to people, such as the doctor and nurse who fight with coronavirus during this time. They are our heroes. I hope they all can come back home safely. Be a dedicated person, it is a natural remedies for anxiety.

natural  remedies for anxiety

   6. Your spirit world is the natural remedies for anxiety

The famous British novelist Somerset Maugham who happens to be my favourite writer once said, to acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life. In many people’s minds, reading is only a tool that helps us to get high scores in school. They could not understand the other meaning of reading. They did not understand why reading is a natural remedies for anxiety.

To most people, they think reading is not interesting and unattractive. They like to watch TV or short video. But its meaning is more than that, many research has proven that reading is also a natural remedies for anxiety. I must admit that reading is a little boring compared with short videos. But we should understand the difference between them.

I think the difference between reading and watching short videos is the same as the difference between happiness and well-being. If you want to pursue some sensual pleasure which is fleeting , watching short videos is fit for you. If you want to help yourself to improve your spirit world, then you should choose reading. Those people who read lots of books always have a broader view of the world, so they do not tangle one thing. Even if this thing brings many harm to them, they could walk out the shadow quickly. So the people who read many books have this natural remedies for anxiety.

So take more time to read some books, it could bring some unexpected results. It is said that Bill Gates read at least 50 books, Warren buffett read at least 500 pages everyday. They are very busty, but they believe that they could get something more important than wealth. So why do you think you do not have enough time to read books. From today, take some time to read, those annoying things will not be stuck to you when you stand very high. So reading is a natural remedies for anxiety.

Nobody could feel your pain, but It is very miserable. I suffered with it for more than one year since I lost one of my family members. I read many books about this issue and I totally experience this pain just like you. Here I want to thank my close friend who stood by me during those dark times. They give me the courage to look for myself back. I am so grateful to have these friends. I believe friendship is the natural remedies for anxiety.

Now I want to share these useful ways to help those people who also suffer these problems. These 6 natural remedies for anxiety help me to survive it. Believe me, you all deserve happiness. So please try these natural remedies for anxiety, if you are suffered in anxiety. At the end of my article, I sincerely hope everyone can go through the dark and embrace happiness.