8 amazing Massage Types and Their Benefits

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There are too many options about the Massage Types in today’s market. Many people feel confused about how to choose a suitable one.

Nowadays,with the development of the society, people’s living standard has improved a lot. Not only we care about what we eat, but also we care about our comfort level. We want to make ourselves feel comfy both our spirit and our body.

So mediation,yoga,spa, is popular in today’s society. But these things have their disadvantages, they are either a waste of time or a waste of money. many people could not afford it or find abundant time to do it. But, the massage machine solved this problem very well. It has too many advantages to fit us. Today, let me share some ideas about how it could make us feel better. Then you could have a clue how to choose a massage machine which could make you comfortable in your daily life.

I bet you are curious about the principle of massage machines. Then let me uncover its mysterious veil and explain it with the simple language. You will feel very clear after you read this article. There are eight kinds of massage types in today’s market, each of them has their trait. Let me analyze it one by one.

Massage types of Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a type of Japanese massage that focuses on pressure points. It Rotation and stretch of joints to release energy and relax muscles in targeted areas.

Shiatsu massage could relieve tight muscles and restore your natural balance system. As one of the most popular massage machines, Shiatsu massage is good for the modern-day worker. Modern-day workers do some mental work, they need to sit down on the desk more than 8 hours one day. During this time, they need to focus their mind to do work, their nerves are at a high tension all the time. After they get home, they want to relax themselves.

So these kinds of people need deep tissue massage. Shiatsu massage could relieve tight muscles and restore your natural balance system. So Shiatsu massage has become more and more popular in modern society.

Spa for healthy

2. Massage types of Kneading massage

Kneading massage uses a circular motion on both sides of your spine . This technique focuses on providing comfort, raising, stretching, and loosening your tense muscles. Benefits: Kneading massage is great for loosening those tense, stubborn spots. If your daily work is high-stress activity. You want to comfort tight muscles and improve balance for your body.

Some people who need to stand all day long feel very tired after they end one day hard working. They could not afford the expensive spa even though they wanted it. They feel pain after a long time of work. So they went to see a doctor. An electric hand massage might be what the doctor suggests you order. It shows you do not have any disease, you only need to  relax from time to time.

3. Massages types of Rolling massage

Rolling massage offers a technique that relieves constant pressure. This massage is warm and relaxes your muscles. It is better to prepare them for a deeper massage experience. Rolling massage eases muscle tension and is effective for relaxing the lower back. It is good for a person who has a laborious job and experiences muscle tension in the lower back.

According to the American science magazine introduction. Rolling massage has many benefits to our body. it could relieve mental stress and relax your anxiety and tense feeling. It could improve gastrointestinal function and allaying tiredness to cue your sleeping problem. Many people have had insomnia problems for many years. Their sleeping problem has changed a lot after they use the deep tissue massage chair.

foot massage to improve blood circulation

4.Massage types of Compression massage

Compression massage relaxes muscles by applying proper pressure. It could enhance the massage experience by adding more pressure on the target muscle. This type of massage is ideal for runners, sports players or active individuals. For those athletes, such as runners, sports players and so on. They need to do a lot of exercise everyday.

Their muscles take too much pressure after exercise, the muscle feels tense if they could not  relax. It will lower their athletic ability. So they should figure out how to relax the muscle everyday. Yet, they do not have time to do spa everyday. many of them choose the massage device to achieve this goal. It is small and exquisite, so you could carry it anywhere. You could do the massage at any place, when you take a taxi or lie down in your bed, it is so convenient for everyone.

5. Massage types of Spot massage

Spot massage target massage motions to sooth and stimulate a particular part of the body. To release unwanted tension when pressure is applied. Spot massage helps soothe tight and tense muscles by focusing on a target area. If you are feeling tension in a particular spot and looking to relax the tight muscle, spot massage is for you.

Many people like to use neck massages to  relax. Since the neck is a vital connection between your head and your body. When your neck feels tension, you always feel very sleepy. We all should do more neck massages everyday. It is good for our health.

6. Massage types of Percussion massage

Percussion massage conduct in the form of rapid movements over specific areas. Making use of the wrists, the body struck with soft blows from each hand . Percussion massage relaxes tense muscles by providing comfort to your back,neck,shoulders. This massage technique is effective for training athletes. who are looking to enhance muscle strength and improve muscle ability.

As we all know, training athletes are very tired every day. They do a lot of exercise everyday. their muscles take too much pressure after exercise. They always feel pain after a long time training. so they need an effective method to relax themselves. air pressure foot massage is their best choice. They could use it after exercise, it is very useful and convenient.

best shiatsu foot massager

7. Massage Types of Vibration massage

Vibration massage uses a stroke that encompasses vibration, jostling and shaking. It is effective in soothing or stimulating your body. Depending on the speed and amount of pressure applied. Vibration massage assists in relaxing muscles when applied to the abdomen or lower back. It fits everyone who words a hard day.

It could increase the blood circulation of muscle. It is conducted to cellular endotoxin and metabolite education outside the body. It could make the human body feel relaxed. It also could improve gastrointestinal function. promote metabolism, improve indigestion, relieve constipation and other symptoms. Not only for the working person, but also for the housewife. They do not have time to do exercise, so their tissue is very tight, they need the massage with arm straps to relax.

best shiatsu foot massager

8. Massage with heat

Massage products can vary with or without heat as it serves as an more feature on our massage. Benefits: Heat adds a soothing sensation allowing you to further relax. Massage with heat is good for people who are looking to enhance their massage experience. As we all know, High temperatures could speed up blood circulation.

Many research has pointed out that many diseases are caused by the bad blood circulation. We could not get enough oxygen and release carbon dioxide if we have a bad blood circulation. So we need to do some exercise everyday. Sometimes we do not have enough time to do it. Massage shoulder is a good choice, It could raise blood circulation no matter where you are. You’d better not use it everyday, because it will add your heart burden. You should use it twice a week, it will make you health much more. You will feel energetic everyday.

These are all the features for different massage machines. Even though they have different traits, but They all have good effects on our health. We should choose them according to our preference and our manner of working.

When we want to relax after a hard working day. We should choose some massage machine which touches our body gently. When we want to relieve our body after heavy exercise, we should choose some machine which touches our body. If you are still confused about how to choose a suitable massage machine. Please feel free to contact  me. I am willing to provide some opinions for you.

To make each person get a suitable massage machine. Our company also poured a lot of energy into research and developed these kinds of massage machines. We based on the principle to make every person get real comfort in their daily life. We developed a three series massage machine. Including foot massage, back massage, neck massage and shoulder massage. They all have a very high quality with a competitive price. We could guarantee its service life.

Our company has full experience in manufacturing these kinds of products. We only buy high quality material, so our products always could last a very long time. We have our designer to design it, so it could make you feel very well after you use it for a time. We have export massage machines for more than 20 countries. We have got a high reputation all over the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  me.


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