90% People don’t realise the importance of Immune system

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Immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. It plays an important role in our body. So many people wonder if we could use some ways to boost our immune system. Especially when we learn that we need some ways to boost our immune system so as to fight with coronavirus. 

In order to provide useful information for my readers, I spend a lot of time doing some work to find the useful ways to boost our immune system. Today, I want to share these things with you. I hope you can get what you need from my article. 

I want to make a short description of the immune system. The immune system is precisely a system, not a single entity. It is very complex and powerful. Today I do not want to use too much terminology to describe how it works. I just want you to know the function of the immune system. Firstly, let me introduce its main feature. It includes three main aspects. 

  • The defense function of immunity

This function refers to the ability to resist the infection of microorganisms, thus keeping the health of your body. If this function decreases, the body is easily infected.

  • The stabilizing function of immunity

This function refers to keeping the stabilizing of the in vivo environment. When this function is normal. Organisms could timely clear the damaged, aging and denatured cells. 

  • The monitoring function of immunity

This function refers to recognize, kill and clear the mutated cells in your body, thus preventing tumorigenesis. If this function decreases, There will be a high potential to form tumors.

After we know the importance of our immune system, then we realise that we should use some useful ways to boost the immune system. The ways to boost the immune system is still a great project medically so far. Although there are too many ways available, only the scientific proven ways to boost the immune system is safe. In order to find the useful ways to boost the immune system. Firstly, we should figure out which factor could affect it. According to the research, It is mainly affected by the following five factors.

  • Age

As you age, our immune system will become more and more weake, which in turn contributes to more infections and more cancer. According to a study conducted by HV university showed that respiratory infections, influenza, and particularly pneumonia are a main cause of death in people who are over 60 all over the world. Such as the coronavirus which mainly killed the people who are over 60. 

Why does the immune system become weaker with age? Through scientific research, there are two main reasons for this. The first reason: The thymus shrinks with age, producing fewer T cells to fight infection. The decrease of T cells are the most important reasons for this. The second reason: Bone marrow reduces the efficiency of producing stem cells with age, so there will be no sufficient cells to support the immune system. 

We are not sure if there are still other reasons for this. But I think it does not matter. Only if we know age is a factor which could reduce the immune system, then we should figure out how to slow down aging. We should try our best to keep as young as possible. I think this is a direct way to boost our immune system.

  • Stress

As we all know, stress could cause many harm to our body. Stress hormones affect your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. When you feel stressed, you breathe more faster in an effort to quickly distribute oxygen to your body. If you already have some breathing problem, stress can make it even worse. Except this, stress could bring many mental diseases, such as anxiety, depression and insomnia which could cause many harm to our body, especially it could decrease our immune system.

Even though many studies have shown that stress has a high connection with a decrease in the immune system. But they could not prove the  proportional relation between the strength of pressure with the degree of immune system decrease. Since the stress includes too many factors, they could not observe one factor and fix the other factor so as to calculate the proportional relations between them. This is very hard to control. But scientists are still putting efforts on this project. I hope they can get more useful information for us.

For us, we do not know too much principle. Here’s what we need to know is that stress has a close relationship with our immunity system. So we should figure out some ways to reduce stress, this is an important way to boost our immune system.

  •   Climate

Although global warming has become a big tread, we must admit that the winter is still very cold for most of us. And we may notice that there is a very common phenomenon in our daily life. There are lots of people caught in the flu in winter. Many people wonder if the cold weather could decrease our immunity system, so we could not resist the flu. The answer is “ yes”.  

Why is that so? Let me explain it with the simple words. The first reason: There is no sufficient sunshine in winter, so we could get enough Vitamin D. Scientists have proven that Vitamin D plans an important role in boosting our immunity, Vitamin deficiency could weaken our immune system. The second reason: In order to retain heat to warm our body, the blood vessels in the nose will constrict, this will lead to hemameba could not arrive in the nasal mucosa, so the virus we suck in could not be killed.

The above reasons are two main reasons, but there are also some other reasons which could explain why cold weather could decrease our immune system. But it does not matter. You only need to know that we should keep warm in the cold weather, this is a useful way to boost our immune system.

Many people, especially children, are very dietary biased. They only eat what they like, which usually are not healthy food, such as chips and fried chicken. Some of them do not like to eat fruit and vegetables, which contain many nutrients such as autunite, kalium, magnesium and other vitamins. And many women who want to keep slim do not like to eat meat which contains rich protein and microelement.

If we have ill-balanced diets, there is a high possibility that we could not get enough nutrition. Turns out, our immunity system will become weaker because of  the nutrition deficien.

Why innutrition could decrease our immunity system? According to study from HV university, there are two main reasons for it. The first reason: Every kind of cell in the body is made up of protein. If there is no sufficient protein, the birth of the cell will be restricted, such as the T cell and other immune cells. The second reason: When our immune system fights with the virus, they need sufficient energy, the energy generated by a series of  chemical reactions in our body which need vitamin and other mineral substances. 

Now We could understand why nutrition is so important for us. Nutrition is more like the gas for a car. So keeping a sufficient supplement of nutrition is a quick way to boost our immune system.

Our body is made up of 8 systems, which includes the motor system, Circulatory system, genital system and so on. In fact, the immune system is not a real system, it is a function which is responsible to defend our body. The good function could not leave the other system’s cooperation. If any of the system could not run very well, it would affect the immune system. That’s why those people who already have some disease for years are not easily cured when they are affected by coronavirus. 

Its’ mechanism is very complex, I suppose you are not interested in these  terminologies. You only should remember that all the systems consist of a whole team. Any one of them has a problem, the rest of them could work very well. To make the immune system function well, it requires balance and harmony. So we should try our best to balance all the systems.

Now we already know the factors which could affect our immune system, then we should use some targeted ways to boost our immune system. So we could decrease the possibility of being infected. Basically, It includes 6 main aspects and some small aspects.

Keep young----ways to boost our immune system

Keep young—-ways to boost our immune system

We have mentioned earlier that aging could cause the immune system to decrease. So we should use some ways to keep young which is an indirect way to boost our immune system. And you know what, exercise is the best way to keep young. No matter what kind of exercise it is, only if you do it at least 30 minutes everyday three times a week. You could feel the change after you insisted for several months. Even though Exercise could not make you come back to your old times, it could keep you at this moment when you began to exercise.This is the so-called eternal youth.

Here is some little advice: If you are very young, you could do any exercise you like, such as swimming, running and boxing. Your physical power could handle any kinds of exercise. Just remember to do some stretching before and after you finish your exercise. If you are a little old, you should do some gentle exercise

such as Taiji, walking and square dancing, especially for those people who seldom exercise when they are young. They are easy to sprain themselves In the beginning of exercise.

For women, who do not want to get some muscles through exercise, yoga is a good choice. It could strengthen their balance, flexibility and confidence. Most importantly, You could do yoga at your home, there are too many good videos which could direct you on YouTube. I have been doing yoga for many years, I love it very much. I must admit it changed me a lot. I become more happy and at peace after I do it for several months. So you should see exercise as an important ways to boost our immune system.

Decrease stress--ways to boost our immune system

Decrease stress–ways to boost our immune system

Now we have known stress could harm our immune system, so we should find some ways to get rid of our stress. As we all know, more than 90% stress comes from our work. But we could not live without work. So we should learn how to relieve our stress after we end our work. I think the best solution is that we should practice to forget everything about work after we get back home, we do not think or talk about our job. I know it is very hard for most of them, even for me. So I want to recommend a very useful thing–meditation.

Meditation has a long history. According to the record It is generated from old India. At first, only the Monk was allowed to do meditation, Meditation originally was meant to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. Afterwards, It was brought to Europe and Asian, and many people began to practice it. Many studies have shown that Meditation is a scientifically based way to decrease press.

In fact, I also take too much pressure everyday. When I know meditation, I doubt if it is as useful as many people said. So I read many books about meditation, it analyzes why meditation could decrease our stress. It sounds very reasonable. If you have time, you should read it, maybe you will become obsessed with meditation. 

Meditation has many forms, but they all have the same principle. You should stop all of your thoughts just focus on this moment.  You could start with 5 minutes everyday, then you could add the time day by day. You could feel the change if you insist for several months. You will find it seems that your brain has been fixed by someone and your body has been charged again.  You could feel deeply relaxed all the time. So meditation is a good choice to decrease stress, so that it is a useful ways to boost our immune system.

Keep warm—-ways to boost our immune system

As I have mentioned before, cold weather is also a factor which could decrease our immune system. So keep warm is a direct ways to boost our immune system. When winter comes, we should use some heating devices in our houser, especially for the old people. If we need to go out, we should wear thick clothes. This is the most direct way to keep warm. But there are also some indirect ways to  keep warm.

One way is to eat some high-calorie food which could bring energy to our body, such as meat, milk and so on. Another way is to own some muscles. We all know muscles could generate heat. If we have lots of muscles in our arms and legs, then it could generate many heats every moment. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy your exercise. In fact, Keep warm is a very easy way to boost our immune system.

Adequate Nutriture —ways to boost our immune system

Nutrition is another important factor which could affect our immunity system. We should try our best to get sufficient nutrition which is a quick ways to boost our immune system. Firstly we should eat as many kinds of things, since different things include different nutrients. All the nutrients play some role in our system. If Any of them is deficiency it could cause some function problems.

For those people, such as old people who eat very little every day,  they could not get enough nutrition from the food and the women who want to keep slim so they do not want to eat too much, they could eat some dietary supplement, such as albumen powder, vitamin D and so on. Please remember to order these things from a brand company. Because a brand company really cares about people’s safety. They will not use any ingredient which has side effects on our body. So keep to keep a adequate nutriture, this is a good ways to boost our immune system.

Regular life –ways to boost our immune system

relax to boost our immunity system

Powerful immune system could not leave a healthy body. Regular life is the key factor to keep a healthy body. So we should try our best to reach a healthy state. Except for healthy diets and regular exercise, sufficient sleep is very important for our health.

According to research from HV study, The process of sleep is a detoxification process, different organs detox in different zones. The detoxification system began to work at 10 PM, so we should try to keep quiet before 10 PM, we could read some books or listen to some music. It could help us to relax so that we could fall asleep more quickly. What needs to be stressed is that staying up late is a big killer for our body.

Except for sleeping well, relaxation is another important factor to keep a healthy state. This relaxation refers to relaxing our body, not our mind, such as Spa, massager and hot spring. These kinds of activities not only help us to relax our body but also improve blood circulation which could bring more fresh oxygen to your different parts of your body, so that it can boost our immunity system.

But during this special period, novel coronavirus is spreading all over the world. It is not a good choice to go out and do some activity. Here I want to recommend  this best deep tissue foot massager–Shiatsu Calf Foot Massager. It combines the tradition shiatsu massage with modern technology. It feels that there is a therapist to massage you. It is a real body care shiatsu foot massager. It provides a shiatsu massager meanwhile heating your feet, which could improve your feet blood circulation. It is a good electric foot massager with heat and it is  rated as the best foot massager for circulation. Try it, you will not regret it.

Above things are the very important factors that affect the immune system, so you should keep it in mind. There are some other factors which are not very important but also have some effects on our immune system. Pay attention to these things is good ways to boost our immune system.

  • Smoking: Smoking has too much harm to our body, it could harm our respiratory system and increase the chance to have lung cancer. So we should not smoke, especially in public places.
  • Drinking: Alcohol could harm our liver and kidney and many other parts, since the alcohol needs the liver to decomposition and the kidney to eliminate. So  heavy drinking could burden the liver and kidney.
  • Antibiotic: If it is not necessary, do not always use antibiotics. It has many side effects on our body. It could damage the Normal flora. Leading to Overgrowth of insensitive microorganisms. Some antibiotics could contribute to adverse reactions. If we have some light flu, we could fight it relying on our immune system, we should not rush to use the antibiotic. Any flu needs about 6 days to recover, no matter if you use antibiotics or not.
  • Weight: As we all know, Obesity has many bad effects on our body. But you may not know that obesity also could decrease the immune system. According to research from HV university, the group of obesity has a very weak immunity system, so their immune systems are easy to be destroyed and restricted. So keep a healthy weight is a good ways to boost our immune system.

More than 90% of people did not realise the importance of the immune system, even for me. This novel coronavirus makes us understand that any medicine could not compare with our powerful immune system. We could not only rely on advanced medicine, since the immune system is the most useful tool for us to defeat coronavirus. I suggest we also should use useful ways to boost our immune system. 

There are ways to boost our immune system, but the most important thing is to take it seriously. I hope everyone can avoid this coronavirus, let us wait this day–coronavirus is gone, we are all safe. If you like my article, please share it with your friends. I sincerely hope everyone can learn how to take care of yourself to protect your health.


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