How to choose the best foot massager to improve circulation 

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What is the biggest problem in this world in modern society? I think  Health problems are the biggest concern for every person. Each of them have realised that we could not do nothing If we do not have a healthy body. However, the base of health is that our body system should  have a regular circulation.

So how to improve our circulation function has become more and more important. In order to solve this problem, some companies research the massager machine. For example a full featured Massager chair for your full body, Mobile flexible Neck and shoulder massager for your neck,  Handy Back massager for your back, especially  the  best foot massager to improve circulation.

It’s the end of a long day. Your feet ache and your body is tired. Sound familiar? Anyway, I always hear my family members say they feel very pain in their body, but they do not know why. They began to realise that they have a bad circulation, so they always feel pain in the body.

As we all know, the Feet are the foundation of our bodies and must be cared for appropriately. One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to soothe the pain and relax is with a best foot massager to improve circulation.

According to a research about foot massager from wikipedia

Foot massager has many benefits for our health. We should use it three times a week. After tracking some people who use it for more than half a year, the researcher found many effects we could get from a massager project. It includes the best foot massager to improve circulation, so we will not feel tense in our body. Shiatsu foot massager to stimulate muscles, so we will feel relaxed after a massager project. Electric foot massager could  reduce tension and  ease pain.

Many people are confused why they have these kinds of circulation problems.  It mainly has four aspects for these kinds of problems.

best foot massager to improve circulation
  1. smoking—cigarettes always cause the blood vessels to thicken, thus making it hard for the blood to circulate properly, causing the feet to get swollen. Even though you smell other people’s smoking, it also hurts you as you smoke by yourself.
  2. Lack of exercise– the lack of physical activities also discourages a proper circulation of the blood that ultimately causes pain and other medical issues in the feet, this is the main reason, since there are few people who could exercise after a long day work. 
  3. Sitting down for long periods of time—sitting for 8 hours straight on a chair stops the blood from properly flowing in the area of your feet, thus causing them to get swollen and to hurt. So the circulation system has become more and more bad. These kinds of people should use the best foot massager to improve the circulation regularly.

Now we could understand why we should use a best foot massager to improve the circulation, but we still have another question, how to choose a suitable foot massager in today’s market. Since there are too many channels we could buy a foot massager, but too much choice means we should think about too many aspects.

Buying Guide —Best Foot Massagers to improve circulation 

Finding the best foot massager to improve circulation might be more difficult than you think. As you could see from our short reviews, the massagers currently available on the market have different designs. Each design offers certain benefits, but most of them also have certain downsides.

In the following section, we explain how each of the massager’s features influences your massage experience, and how to find the best foot massager to improve circulation.

Best foot massage to improve circulation
foot massage

1. Vibration Plate Foot Massager machine

Powerful up & downwards vibrate, 10 speeds for selecting. Vibrate massage your foot and calves when you sit and just put your foot on the massager, vibrate massage your whole body when you stand on the massager. this is a best foot massager to promote circulation and shape your body.

So The Vibration foot massager as one of the best foot massager to improve circulation has excellent performance, powerful, stable, reliable and durable thanks to the high-quality electric machinery, the massager is lightweight and portable, running steady with low noise.

Especially resistance bands with handles for your home and office fitness, perfect integration of massage and fitness functions, excellent for relaxation and strength training. With both remote control and control panel, easy to operate.

2.  Shiatsu Calf Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Adjustable Bar

Deliver Powerful Relief—Powerful 3-dimension deep kneading calf foot massager with unique convex-concave shape relieves foot pain or stiffness at the optimum comfort angle after working or driving. Advanced heating function soothes aching muscles & cold feet. Two-way rotation massaging function changes massage direction when you need it.

Foot Massager With Heat: It is equipped with timer function, programmed with 15 minutes auto shut-off to ensure safety, and overheating protection. (UL approved power adapter works safely). Features a sensitive LCD touch screen, this technical leg foot massager is easy to use. Through heat function, it be seen as one of the best foot massager to improve circulation.

foot massager for circulation

3. Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Deep Kneading & Relaxation Vibration Rolling Functions 

Some massagers tickled and others prodded. This one felt like a massage and a hug, perhaps in part because you’re sliding your feet into two snug, cloth-lined nooks. Nothing eyebrow-raising, like repeated jabs to the back of my sole, happened during the 15 minutes of the Shiatsu Foot Massager’s timed session.

What makes this best electronic foot massager for circulation seriously great is the combined effect of kneading motions that differentiate between areas of your feet and overall pressure. While one roller hits that key relief point in the middle back of your heel, another set of rollers glides firmly from your arch over the balls of your feet, all with alternating pressure. Lastly, another set kneads and squeezes around your toes. 

Heat can be turned off and on during a massage session. I usually like to start with it on to loosen up my muscles and turn it off midway, when I start getting warm. Integrate the above function, the best foot massager to improve circulation effectively.

best foot massager to increase circulation
foot massage

We have learned about the function of different foot massager, now we should know which one is the best foot massager to improve circulation. Except for the function of foot massager, we also care about the cost performance. Now, let me analyse how to recognise its cost performance.

Best Foot Massagers to improve circulation you should know

1. Vibration Plate Foot Massager machine

 It is one of my favorite gifts for moms and dads. This foot massager is popular because it can accommodate feet of all sizes. Some other person thinks that a “best foot massager to improve circulation at the same time could  massage the whole foot ”.

2. Shiatsu Calf Foot Massager Machine with Heat and Adjustable Bar

Many reviewers love that “you can customize your own massage” with this massager that has different settings for kneading, heat, and air pressure. One reviewer says, “after comparing every possible best foot massager to improve  circulation I chose this one because it’s the only one that lets you control kneading and air compression separately.” and the heat function make me feel very comfortable, i think it is the best foot massager to improve circulation amid all the foot massager device.

3. Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Deep Kneading & Relaxation Vibration Rolling Functions 

The first rule for you to use the best foot massager to improve circulation, you shouldn’t stand up while your feet are resting on the or in the foot massager if you want to avoid damaging it. 

The foot massager’s stability is the most important design. Open design models are low and wide, so this type of foot massager will be slightly more stable than the closed design ones.

The foot massager helps transport oxygen to your body’s cells, stimulating the lymphatic system, and helping prevent or reduce varicose veins. The movement and vibrations of the massager are what make it optimal for boosting blood circulation in the feet. thus being the perfect tool for those who are experiencing any discomfort related to poor circulation in the feet. 

The proper way for the best foot massager  to improve circulation is to rub massage oil on your feet, put them on the surface of the massager, turn it on and set it to the desired vibration intensity, and sit in that position for about 30 minutes. Doing this on a daily basis will not only improve circulation, but it will prevent the apparition of many health problems that are caused by a slow blood flow in the feet as well.

Why the best foot massager for blood circulation is so popular in today’s market. Except for the below feature, it is very easy to use and control. You could use it at any place. As technology has matured recently, the price of the foot massager is very cheap for almost every person. We could enjoy a deep tissue relax at home or at our office. Besides, we could give our parents and friends as presents. You do not need to worry that they do not like this present.

I hope my article is useful for you to choose the best foot massager for circulation, since it has become a necessary product in our daily life. At the same time, I hope every person could have good health.


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