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How to maintain your foot massager

1.You should keep it covered in a bag in case the dust falls on it, but you’d better package it after it cools down.
2.You should use some dry towel to clear the surface of the foot massager, do not use any wet towel.
3.The foot cover can be detachable & washable, you could wash it every few months.

What you should pay attention to when you use a high quality shiatsu foot massager?

1. Do not use it too long at a time, 30 minutes is a best choice.
2.In order to keep it clear, Do remember to wash your feet before the foot massage
3.Keep your feet dry, The drop of water easy go into the inside of the devices.
4.Do not stand on the foot massager, It could not carry too much weight.
5.Do not use it with high strength, if you’ve never used it before.
6.You’d better buy a timing function foot massager, in case you forget to turn it off.

shiatsu foot massager

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Will This Foot Massager Last?

If you use it two or three times a week, it could be used for more than one years.


Can I Return It If I Do Not Like It?

You have the right to return it. But Products must be received in “like new” condition, in the original carton, with all of the original packaging, parts and accessories.


Do you offer quantity Discount

Yes, We are willing to give some discount for wholesaler. Please contact with our sales team to get an offer


Do You Have Product Certification?

Yes, all the products in sale have the quality inspection certification.


How Long I Could Receive It?

Under normal conditions, you could receive it around 2-5 days. It depends on your address.


Do You Charge Sales Tax?

No, we do not charge any sales tax. But Some states require that taxpayers fill out a “use tax” return and pay the equivalent of a sales tax in their state. Please consult your state law to determine if you have to pay this tax.