How do Foot massage affect our lives?

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Foot massage devices are very popular in today’s market. It is very convenient to use and cheap. But many people are still confused If they should have a foot massage.

With the development of the society, every person began to take more and more responsibility. They need to work very hard to support their family. They always work over time, so they could get fully paid. Especially for those women, their health is probably at the bottom of their list of priorities. After all, the responsibility to take care of work, the house, the kids, their husbands every single day can take a toll on their minds and bodies. Making time for themselves tends to take a backseat.

Unfortunately, this could mean a host of health problems for them. But did you know that the secret to your health actually lies with you and in possibly one of the lesser-thought-of parts of your body? Research shows that the way to improve your health doesn’t lie in your hands, but rather your feet. So how to improve your feet health becomes more and more important. Many kinds of massage devices come to our world to meet our requirements.

foot massage
foot massage

In today’s market, there are five mainstream massage devices. It includes foot massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, massage chair and deep tissue massage device. Even though each part of our body needs to relax after a long work or after a long exercise. Compared with the benefits of all the massage devices, foot massage is supposed to be the most important massage device.

The history of foot massage, which originated in China about four thousand years ago, is a part of ancient Chinese traditional medicine. Although foot massage originated in China, it has not been widely spread in China. This is because the cultural heritage of foot massage, which was invented in the time of the yellow emperor, has almost disappeared due to the change of dynasties in Chinese history and the continuous natural and man-made disasters.

The unique shape design and acupoint distribution of the foot massaging device are completely consistent with the results of human foot, and the special intelligent machine corresponds to 4 large foot reflection areas and 6 sole reflection areas for intelligent massage, stimulating the acupoints of the foot to dredge the meridians of qi and blood, and fully adjusting the functions of the internal organs of the human body.

The body is not healthy, mostly because of the lack of movement, ancient people all day barefoot in the field work, the sole of the foot directly contact the ground, thus stimulated, promote circulation, then sweat and drink water, complete a normal cycle of metabolism, play the healing function of the human body.As a result, ancient people’s bodies were much healthier than ours.

Foot massage, is in accordance with the principle of stimulating acupoints, to do treatment.

Foot massage massage method, with stimulative principle, massage the reflex area of pathological organ or gland, make its restore original function, achieve curative effect, keep healthy natural healthy law. It is a traditional medical method of the third medicine.

Metabolism of our body through the role of, to eliminate waste and toxins in the body of the function, spread throughout the body of the lymphatic system, kidney, large intestine, skin, etc., are ruled out metabolism waste produced by major organs, if these organs dysfunctional, the waste and toxins in the body cannot be ruled out, the body will not healthy.

Foot massage can significantly stimulate the reflex area of various parts, make the blood circulation smooth, eliminate the waste and toxin accumulated in the body, can make the metabolism function normal operation, and finally achieve the therapeutic effect.

cheap massage chair
cheap massage chair

The benefits of foot massage is following:

1. Your body cells will be better supplied with oxygen

Oxygen is the mode through which energy is transported in the body cells. When we sit, inactive and wear tight shoes, circulation of oxygen in our feet becomes less and less.

This also affects the rest of the body since when certain muscles of the feet are tired, the whole leg gets tired and eventually the body. A good foot massage ensures that there is proper circulation and re-energization of cell and the entire body.

2. It relieves stress

The fact that massage relieves stress has been common knowledge to the human race for millennia. The more common form of massage today is the one done on the neck and shoulders. Foot massage, however has been found to be just as effective in relieving stress.

Research found that caregivers for patients with dementia experienced less stress and felt more relaxed after a foot massage.

Taking care of patients with dementia is not only demanding, but also stressful. This shows that people on jobs with lower stress levels would benefit more from the massages.

3. It could promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, so as to improve sleep, so that the brain can get enough oxygen, so that you are refreshed, clear mind;

4. It can prevent and improve high blood pressure, rheumatic pain, back pain.

Based on this research, we should use foot massage to improve our health, But we need to drive somewhere, maybe it is very far away from what you lived in. So we always could not find enough time to go to the massage parlor. But we still care about our health, so we want to use a foot massage device to replace foot massage by a therapist. But we wonder if the foot massage device really could replace foot massage by therapist.

foot massage

Here is the reason why foot massage devices are more effective than foot massage by a therapist. Firstly, let me analyze the principle of foot massage device.

1. Mechanical foot massager: this kind of massager has a built-in roller. After the power is connected, the roller rotates continuously to massage the foot mechanically, which is natural and comfortable

2. Bubble foot massager: now more popular foot bath is bubble massager.When a person is in a foot bath, the machine heats the water in the basin with electricity and massages the soles of the feet by constantly bubbling bubbles.

Foot sweat hot bath is a traditional Chinese medicine in the healing and effective physical therapy, health care method, when the temperature of the human foot under external stimulation, can expand the foot blood vessels, skin temperature, plus a foot reflection zone bumps and magnetic effect, promote the foot and systemic blood circulation acceleration, to ensure smoothness and improve blood circulation, thereby adjusting the function of the endocrine, prompted endocrine secretion of hormone body;

3. Magnetic foot massager: the sole of the foot is a mirror reflecting the health of the human body, which is distributed with numerous nerve reflex areas. The foot reflex areas act on the corresponding viscera and tissues of the human body through corresponding nerves and blood vessels.Magnet foot massager, it is through the different nature of the magnet inlaid to the panel, the formation of uneven surface, for every parts of the human foot and reflection area, massage and stimulate the points on the soles of the feet, to improve blood circulation, circulation of all parts, the whole body feel comfortable, especially suitable for long standing.

There is the main work principle of foot massage, we could know why it could improve our health during a short time. Most importantly is that we could use it at any time.

There is the main work principle of foot massage, we could know why it could improve our health during a short time. Most importantly is that we could use it at any time.

When we return home from our hard work, we could lie down on the couch. We could watch TV and use our foot massage device at the same time. If you feel very comfortable after you use some time. Congratulations! You choose a foot massage device which fits you very well. If you still feel very pain on your back or any other place, please do not hesitate to pay a visit to a doctor. You might have some disease. You only could be cured by a doctor.

foot massage chair
foot massage chair

After hearing all about these things, you must be so excited to own a one foot massage device. But you are a little confused about how to choose a high quality with a low price foot massage device. Here is some good news. Our company has produced these kinds of devices for more than 5 years. All the material is green and environmental. These materials are guaranteed by the PICC. So you do not have to worry about its quality. Furthermore, our company has launched a promotion campaign. When you visit our website if you use the code CA16, you could get a $ 15 coupon. This campaign only lasts for one month, so please do not lose it.

You deserve a high quality foot massage device. It is good for your health. You also should buy it for your family members, especially those who have some pain problem. This is the most valuable present for them.

These are all the opinions about foot massage devices. If you have any other opinion about foot massage devices or other health problems, please feel free to contact me. I am very glad to talk about with you. My email address is See you next time.


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