How to protect ourselves against the coronavirus

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In the past two month, There was nothing that could be mentioned in the same breath with coronavirus. Coronavirus has become  the most feared of epidemic diseases all over the world. We really wanted to know how to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

2020 year is a very special year in some ways. There are too many miserable things that happened this year. For example, lasts more than four month Australia’s fire which turn 180 hectare forest into Scorched Earth and cause 12.5 a hundred million animals to death. The spreading of Locusts in all over the world has caused serious damage to agriculture, we still could not count the whole damage it brings to us. In fact, There are also many other miserable things this year. I do not want to mention all of those things.

Coronavirus has the longest period and greatest damage compared with other miserable things. So far, coronavirus has spread to more than 80 countries, the number of patients has reached more than ten thousand people and killed more than four thousand people. And it still did not stop its spreading so far. So we want to find some ways to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

The coronavirus could bring serious damage to our body. The coronavirus could harm the respiratory system. Those who have fallen ill are reported to suffer coughs, fever and breathing difficulties. In severe cases there can be organ failure. Since this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are useless for coronavirus. The antiviral drugs we have against the flu will not work. Recovery depends on the strength of the immune system. 

Coronavirus damages our lungs which are an important part of our respiratory system, coronavirus also could cause asphyxia if it is very serious. So I spend a lot of time and energy to find some useful ways for us to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

In order to protect ourselves against the coronavirus, Firstly we should know the way of its spreading. Stopping its spreading is the most useful way to fight the coronavirus. According to the research, there are three main spreading ways.

  1. Mouth Fluid

Coronavirus spreads through the fluid in the cavity, when the healthy people contact the mouth fluid of the people who carry the coronavirus, they would catch up with this coronavirus.

  1. Spray

Spray is one of the ways for the spread of coronavirus. When the person who has coronavirus sneezes in the bus or other public space, other healthy people are likely to be caught by the spray. So wearing a mask is a direct ways to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

  1. bodily contact

Bodily contact is also one of the quickly spread of coronavirus. When you have a very close contact with someone who has coronavirus, you are likely to be caught by this bodily contact. Try your best to decrease the chance to contact with other person is a useful way to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

Now we know the way of its spreading, we should take some targeted ways to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. I believe we could protect ourselves only if we use these scientific proven ways. It mainly includes 6 aspects of protection.

protect ourselves against the coronavirus

Reduce crowd gathering–protect ourselves against the coronavirus

Firstly, we should not go to some place where there are lots of people crowded, since we do not know If any of them have coronavirus. As long as one of them has coronavirus, the other people are very easy to catch. So we should try our best to reduce the chances to go out. 

For example, we should not go shopping, attend any kinds of parties and go out to restaurants. I know it must be very painful, but we should insist until the disease has been totally controlled. The government staff could not take too much time to spy on us, so we should do it voluntarily. This is the most useful way to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

Wear a mask If you need to go out—protect ourselves against the coronavirus

As we have seen on the news, most countries have closed public places, such as mesum, gymnasium and other tourist attractions. Most people respond to the government’s order to stay at home. But there are still some things we need to do, such as we need to buy fruit and vegetables. Under this condition, we need to wear a mask to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. 

As we all know, N95  is the most useful mask to filter coronavirus, it could be worn more than one day. You do not need to worry about it losing its function.

But it still causes some harm to your respiratory system, if you wear it too long. We suggest you wear it less than three hour once. So you’d better reduce the time you stay out of your house.

protect ourselves against the coronavirus

Telecommuting—-protect ourselves against the coronavirus

In order to reduce gathering, many countries decide to shut off all the school until the coronavirus has been controlled. Many companies ask their employees to work wearing a mask while in the office. In my opinion, most companies could choose a new work style–telecommuting. It is a big trend even though it is not because of the disease. Since we all know it also harms our respiratory system if we wear a mask too long. Another important reason is that the manufacturer of the mask could not support too many users by people all over the world. The mask is still in shortage.  

Unless your company is a manufacturing or delivery company. Then you should use some high quality N95 mask to protect yourself against the coronavirus. At this point, we should show our respect to those people who have to work to keep the society running smoothly. Such as doctors and traffic police and many other People in many different occupations who dedicated themselves to work for the society. I hope God could protect them against the coronavirus.

protect ourselves against the coronavirus

Wash your hand—-protect ourselves against the coronavirus

If we wear a mask when we need to go out, the coronavirus could not spread to us through the respiratory system. But it still may retain in our hand for several hours. So we should wash our hands as the first thing after we get back home. The coronavirus could be washed away if we wash our hands carefully. So this is a very useful way for us to protect ourselves against coronavirus. Furthermore, we should wash our hands with the hand washing and wash our hands for more than 20 seconds. If you do not know how to wash it, Please see this video for a reference. 

Furthermore, I want to make that point very strongly, do not throw your mask everywhere, it could cause secondary pollution. Take it off and keep it sealed in a plastic bag. With this method, the Bacteria and viruses could be seperated, it will not spread to other people.

Regular exercise to relax from depression

Exercise —–protect ourselves against the coronavirus

In addition to the above ways, we also should improve our immunity ability. According to the report, The patients have a very high chance to be cured if they have a strong immunity ability. Most of the dead people are older people or those people have had many other diseases for years. The common features of these kinds of people is that their immunity ability is very weak, it could not protect themselves against coronavirus.

Even though you could not go to the gym, you also could do many exercises at home. You could dance aerobics along with the video on the TV, You also could do yoga, it only uses a very small space. Some anaerobic exercise is also a good choice, such as plank, sit-up and push up. These kinds of exercise are perfect for us to do it at home.

After your exercise, do not forget to do some stretching. It could relax your muscles. Here I want to recommend this shiatsu foot massager with air compression and heat. It could relax your tense muscles within 30 minutes. If you use it more often, you could feel a very large change. This shiatsu foot massage is the  highest rated foot massager. It has the 3d foot massager shiatsu function, so you feel like a real person doing massages for you. I believe that it is a best choice foot massager for you.

Mental healthy—-protect ourselves against the coronavirus

According to the news, many countries have a strange phenomenon many people rush to snap up necessary for life. I believe the coronavirus will be over soon. But Why did these things happen?  I think this is because many people began to panic. They do not want to believe the news or the government. They become more and more anxious. I think this is not necessary. As far as i know, the living material is very abundant. we should learn how to transfer our focus.

I recommend  that we develop some hobbies which could be done at home. Such as reading a book, playing video games, watching some interesting videos and so on. 

I understand this is a tough period for everyone, but we have to have a strong faith that we could fight it finally. Before that we should learn how to protect ourselves against the coronavirus. All the above ways are very useful, I hope everyone could insist on it. At last, I want to share one motto: “ If winter comes , can spring be far behind?” Let us wait for this moment gother.


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