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This power legs massager could bring too many benefits to our body, buy it to your father he will like it!

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How the power legs works:

The power legs massage your foot through the powerful up & downwards vibrate. 10 different intensities could be adjusted with your remote control. 

Place it in any smooth place and plug in it to the power unit. You just need to put your foot on the power legs massager to make sure it aligned with the

footprint of  the machine. Clicking the start button with your remote control. Then the power legs begin to massage your feet through its vibrating.   

power legs

What do the power legs bring to you?

Promote Foot Blood Circulation:

Through the massage wheel vibrating, the acupoints on the soles of the feet are effectively stimulated. The foot blood circulation would be highly

boosted through this way. This power leg has the same effects as seen on TV. This function could strengthen your immune system and make you feel

energetic everyday. It has got many good reviews from the users.

Relax Your Body:  

As the vibrating massage wheel moves around the soles of the feet, Your feet muscle could be relaxed through the massage, this feeling could  be

conducted to your brain’s neurons. Then you’ll experience a wholly relaxed state throughout your body. This function could improve your sleep quality

and make you enjoy a happier life. Try this power legs massager, you will not regret it.

Relieve foot pain:

Anyone who does a lot of standing at work especially wearing heels is plagued by varicose veins. The pain caused by varicose veins could be effectively

relieved by the massage provided by the power legs. You should try these power legs, it really has the effects as we see on TV.

power legs

What are the pros and cons of the power legs?

1. The power legs massager is excellent performance, powerful, stable, reliable and durable thanks to the high-quality electric machinery and high

end design, running steady with low noise. The noise is likely to be prominent in the quiet bedroom, but You will not notice the noise after you

use it for several days.

2. The power legs massager is lightweight and portable. It only takes up a small space, so the power legs could be kept any place such as under the

desk or beside the couch. More importantly it could be used at any place, such as your office, your bedroom.

3.The price of this power leg massager is very competitive compared with other companies. We take charge of the whole procedure from design,

produce to sell, It could  eliminate middlemen to earn the difference. Our company mission is to provide a reliable, affordable and comfortable

power legs massager.

4.Specially resistance bands with handles are the additional features. You could enjoy a foot massage meanwhile exercise your arms. It is a

perfect combination between massage and fitness functions. It is an excellent choice for relaxation and strength training. You also could choose

only to enjoy a foot massage, it feels wonderful. 

5.The only cons of these power legs is that you could not choose the color you liked, since it only has one color. It makes it a little flat. But we have

already worked on this problem.

Foot massage to relax from depression

What you should know before buying it.

* Do not use it too long at a time, 30 minutes is a best choice, no more than 4 times once a week.

* Keep your feet dry, The drop of water easily goes into the inside of the machines. It is connected with the power source.

* You’d better use it two hours after you finish your dinner, or it will influence your digestive function.


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