Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Deep-Kneading Heat Rolling Air Compression

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TISSCARE Shiatsu FOOT MASSAGER MACHINE is the easiest, most effective way to rejuvenate and revitalize tired foot. Enjoy a smoothing life-like foot massage with all-dimensional bionic technology, healing and soothing your feet every day after work. You will sleep well after using this intelligent foot massager.

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1. Whole-Foot Reflexology Massage Rollers with heat
Powerful kneading and rollers with heat provides a robust reflexology massage to the toes, arch, heel and instep of your foot. The heat function can be turn on or off easily. NOTE:Slowly heat to protect your foot, please be patient!
2. Adjustable three Intensities
Just to press the INTENSITY button, the massage intensity can be adjusted from lower intensity, medium intensity and power intensity.
3. Adjustable three modes
This shiatsu foot massager owns three selectable modes – traditional mode, increment mode and relax mode. When you choose Relax Mode, only the air compression is working for this kneading foot massager.
4. Removable and washable foot pockets
The independent foot pockets deliver a shiatsu massage to bottom & sides of feet. Keep the foot pockets clean all the time.
5. Easy to use
This foot massager is equipped with remote control. Note: Please keep close to use! It also owns sensitive touch and LCD display, just to press the functional key, you will enjoy foot massage at home.
6. Safety Information
DO NOT stand on the massager. It’s not recommended to use more than 30 minutes at a time.
DO NOT use this more than 30 mins at a time.


Foot Reflexology
Designed with many unique ergonomics massage nodes, which can massage more acupuncture points. As you know, massaging your feet the right way can help ensure that whole body relax and promoting blood circulation.

Air Compression + Slowly Heat
TISSCARE foot massager has breathable airbag with 3 levels intensities, combined with safely slow heat, it will make your foot warm gradually, then promote your blood flowing, ease your foot pain and release your stress.

Removeable & Washable Foot Pockets
With the feet pockets being removeable by a zipper, it is easy to detach and re-attach the cover, so it is extremely convenient to keep this foot massager machine clean all times. Use more hygienic with your family.




Security Timer Design
TISSCARE foot massager shuts off automatically when working time reach 15 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about fallinging asleep without turning off. Also the timer can be adjusted from 5-30mins via pressing TIMER button.

Fitting Up to Size US-11
The two independent foot pockets supply a shiatsu deep kneading scrapping and air pressing massage with heat. Ergonomically designed to fit feet up to size US-11.

Best Gift for Parents/Lover/Friends
A perfect gift for lover/parents/friends, owning an amazing foot massage experience after a whole day working. Note: The pregnant woman cannot use this foot massager.

4 reviews for Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Deep-Kneading Heat Rolling Air Compression

  1. Mary J Gardner

    Haven Of Warmth and Relaxation! I am on my feet all day long and suffer from cold feet. This machine is heaven!! I love it so. It’s a solid piece and even comes with a remote!! Best piece of relaxation I ever have had!! Very Pleased!

  2. Marria J.

    This massager is the most used massager in my house. Not only my wife and I, but also both of my 6 and 9 year old sons love it. We have been using it everyday since it arrived 3 weeks ago. Massaging power is strong to relieve stress in the foot, especially after a soccer game or long run. Heat is comfortable, not burning hot, but just warm enough. We all feel refreshed after a 15 session.

  3. Tony V

    Love this massager for whole foot. It provides 3 massage modes, each one has different speed and intensity. Also with 3 intensities, we can use it to adjust the intensity easily. I like the foot cover and slow warm heat, it is soft and easy to clean. I am vrey pleased with this foot massager machine and recommend to people who want to own one.

  4. David

    Quick delivery and build well. This foot massager can be used for toes, arches, heels and top of foot. There are 3 strength modes. Milddle mode is good enought for me. As far as heat is slow warm, not hot, but it is enough. Thumbs up.

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