Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage Cushion with Heat Massage Chair Pad

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This shiatsu massage cushion pad has 12 3D deep kneading rolling nodes for massaging neck, shoulder and full back to relieving tired and muscle tightness.

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  • BACK & NECK MASSAGE: Shiatsu massage cushion has 12 3D deep kneading rolling nodes for massaging neck, shoulder and full back to relieving tired and muscle tightness.
  • VIBRATION MASSAGE & HEATING: This cushion massager with 3 levels of intensity provides you a comfortable massage to hips and thighs. Shiatsu massager’s heating function enhance the massage effects and relax your body.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The nodes on neck of the massage chair cushion can be adjusted up and down to suit people of different heights. And the cover on neck is detachable and washable.
  • SAFE TO USE: This back massage cushion equipped with an overheat protection device and a 15-minute auto shut-off feature, to protect the device from damage and prevent the device from operating outside of a safe temperature range.
  • PERFECT GIFT: This massage chair is a good gift for your parents, wife, husband, friends and other family for birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas and so on. Our heat massager has 2 adapters, and elastic strap secures the massager to your chairs, you can use it at home, in the car and office.




Kneading Neck & Shoulder Massage with Heat
4 shiatsu massage nodes provide deep tissue massage on neck and shoulder, they can be moved up and down to target the exact position you demand. And you can control the rotational direction of them.

Shiatsu Back Massage with Heat
8 Shiatsu rolling nodes travel up and down relaxing your full back, you can also choose to focus the massage on specific spot(upper back or lower back) for pinpoint relaxation. The heating function soothes aching muscles and relaxes your body by enhancing blood circulation.

Vibrating Massage
This heat massager’s pad features a motor with high pulse to relieve muscles tension on buttock and thigh by vibrating. And there are 3 levels of intensity available, you can press the button ‘Vibration’ to choose it.



At Home
Enjoy professional massage at your home while you are watching TV or reading books. Tips: we don’t recommend lie on the shiatsu massager to use it.


In the Office
Enjoy a relaxing massage in your office, it will effectively relieve your tightness and fatigue. The elastic strap with velcro can fix the back massager on different chairs.


In the Car
This neck massager has an adapter for car, you can use it in your car. (Tips: we don’t recommend use this massage device when you’re driving.)


Best Gift
This back and neck massager is a great gift for your parents on Mother’s day or father’s day. And it also a big surprise for your lovers, friends and colleagues. It’s the most special gift for their health.

25 reviews for Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage Cushion with Heat Massage Chair Pad

  1. 1173698335

    This massage chair with heat is amazing! It has a vibrating seat, moving back massager, and a neck massager. I am very pleased with my purchase. The massage cushion arrived well packed, clean and works perfectly.
    This massage chair pad was placed on the seat of my work out bench, which has a high chair back, it strapped on fits perfect!
    I really enjoy the neck massage that this massage pad has, which most massage chair pads do not. Recommend

  2. Cindy

    I absolutely love this back massager. The massage chair has adjustable setting you can control and has a heating option also. You can switch massage balls to roll up and down on your neck and back feels really comfortable.

  3. Lee

    Quite impressed this massage chair function and applied area. Comfortable and not painful at all. And the remote control is easy to use and it comes a pocket to put it in, so you never need worry where to put it or where to find it.

  4. David McDowell

    My neck and my back always hurting because of my job. This massage cushion save my life. I use it every day and am always amazed at how refreshed I feel after 15 minutes. The massagers in it are very strong and really works your muscles over,especially if you have knots and tenses sore muscles in your neck.I would definitely recommend to those who loves massage but doesn’t have time to go to those massage places.

  5. Ashley Simser

    It really helps out my back, I have two ruptured discs one in my lumbar region, and on in my upper’s. the chair is high enough to reach both areas comfortably. Delivery was prompt, instructions were clear and easy to follow.This Shiatsu massager is money well spent.

  6. Amy Savage

    I’ve used this massage chair for a couple weeks now and it has worked flawlessly.

  7. Joy

    Amazing massager! I use it every singly day, very effective.

  8. Eason

    Bought this massage cushion for my husband, he said it helps relax his body after a long day. The neck part is adjustable, I can change the height and use it as well.

  9. Jennifer

    Great product

  10. lina5559

    Great quality!My favorite part is there are 4 types of massage for me to choose: full back, upper, lower and neck. For the neck rollers, you can easily adjust the roller positions on the remote.Good for the money!

  11. Zac

    The full back massage feels perfect and this massage chair has adjustable settings you can control with a heating option as well.It’s worth the price just for the better health and healing.

  12. Tom

    Hits all of my pressure points, very comfortable. I can switch massage balls to roll up and down on my neck and back.

  13. Krista

    The massage unit is well made and very functional. I have this permanently placed on an extra chair in my office. It works well and reduce my muscle tightness.

  14. Dianna

    Very quickly delivered. Quality is good. Very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you!

  15. Thomas

    Easy to use, lots of different options. Everyone in the family uses it, it’s relaxing and love the shiatsu mode!

  16. Luis

    I Love this back massager. The massage it provides is pretty significant and hits most of the key spots on lower, mid, and upper back. It also has neck kneading and offers the heat features that increase blood flow.

  17. June

    Amazing product! Helps with my back pain and relieves stress! I definitely recommend!

  18. Vishal

    I purchased this product just to have some relax while working or watching the TV, due to my hectic job, in evening sometime i feel pain in my lower back and neck so I was looking for the massager cousin chair . I bought this product considering its features and really like it. I can use it with while watching TV or while working on my computer. I like its different massager modes specially for back. Even adjustment to neck massager is plus point. I feel comfort and relax while using it. Even it helps me to reduce my back pain. Great product

  19. Justinsz

    I had my doubts before I ordered this massage cushion, but now that I’ve been using it for a few day, it has performed far better than I expected. Actually I have knots and tense sore muscles in my neck, I really need deep tissue massage, and this massager , it must be my lifesaver! I’m 5’5″ and my husband is 6’1″, we both use this massager very well.
    You can change the direction of how it works on your neck and you are able to adjust the roller balls to hit both your neck and shoulder areas as well as the shiatsu feature, the nodes are very strong. If you want nodes to reach higher in your back, you can incline your seat.
    This massager does an excellent job, I’m thankful that I bought it.
    Highly recommend!

  20. godpod

    purchased this product for my daughter with chronic back and neck pain and she loves it.
    works well, reasonably priced, easy to use.

  21. Katina Nakano

    It’s very easy to use and it does a good job massaging the aches away. For me, I’m a little short but I used a small cushion to make it fit to the average body contour. I do recommend this massager.

  22. Tsunghsu

    The chair is very helpful to release my back pain. It also has a part can massage neck. The messaged is in Hugh quality and the pressure is strong.

  23. MLERS7631

    FEELS SO GOOD ON MY WHOLE BACK AND NECK…SO MUCH BETTER THAN A PERSON COULD DO…and it does not get tired and keeps giving and giving and giving!….LOVE IT!


    This was great for a long road trip after major back surgery. The massage levels are comforting, the heat isn’t too hot to leave on, and the vibrations can help with discomfort or sciatica. My favorite part is the neck massager – it’s like having a masseuse right there in the car with you! Highly recommend!

  25. Chalycha

    Great product and fantastic service. I got some issue with this massager and contacted with seller directly, they responded quickly and solve the problem for me. This massage device has various settings and it does exactly what is advertised. It helps to relax my body after a long day. Very pleased.

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