Top 10 Spa and Wellness Trends of 2020–so useful

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With the development of our living standard. We become more and more concerned about our feelings more than our diet. We here at tisscare massage to talk about health, wellness, and fitness. We loved some of the trends of 2019 such eating healthy, fat burning foods, doing yoga and mediation. We want to do something to make ourselves comfortable. So of course, as we head into march. We are interested in what kind of spa and wellness trends we will see this year.

Well, we did some digging, asked around. I want to share all the information I got. I suppose you could get some ideas from my blog. Then you could know how to please yourself in your daily life. I hope every person can live a happy life. According to my research, Doing yoga, enjoying a spa and massage machine is the most popular trend  this year, let me see how it happens.

1. Spa and Wellness trends—-Spa admin goes online

A female receptionist stands at a spa reception desk

According to the most recent spa industry study. A quarter of the spas surveyed said that they plan to introduce new spa management software in 2019. Many spas will also be paying attention to technological advances. As more and more people get online for their everyday things. And the purchasing power of millennials is growing. We’ll see more and more spas getting online. With online bookings, virtual communication, and social media.

Now, many cheap massage chair have similar effects with Spas.

2. Spa and Wellness trends—-Meditation goes mobile

Woman meditating sun warm colors

More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of meditation. With benefits like reduced stress, improved concentration, increased happiness and slowed aging. Meditation is now seen as being beneficial outside of spirituality. Such as business and studying. But as people get more interested in meditation and how to practice it.

But There is a problem, not everyone can afford (time or money wise) a meditation class or retreat. Of course, in today’s mobile world people are turning to their smartphones and the internet for help. You can find many videos on youtube. But most people are using apps dedicated to teaching meditation to learn. Headspace is one the most popular meditations apps. With insight timer being a personal favorite of mine.

spa and wellness trends

3. Wellness trends—Yoga goes mobile

woman doing a yoga pose at home

Yoga has been a trend for many years now. Many people from stay-at-home moms to elite athletes are now practicing yoga. But while yoga has already gone from trend to mainstream, one trend we will see this year is yoga going mobile. As with meditation, not everyone has the time or money to attend a yoga class or have a personal yoga trainer. And once again people are turning to the internet and their smartphones for a solution.

You can find  enough articles and tutorials on the internet. It shows you how to do certain poses or routines. Such as our article showing you 10 easy yoga morning stretches. But people are also turning to their smartphones for help and guidance. One of the most popular free yoga apps is the down dog app. If you do not have enough time, you also could back and neck massage chair to get the same aim.

4. Wellness trends—Sugar detox

No sugar allowed in the sugar detox diet more and more experts, doctors, and dieticians have spoken out about the dangers of sugar. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. As well as linked to tooth decay and accelerated aging. With more people finding out about these dangers and how much food contains sugar. More and more people are turning to sugar-free diets. Many high-end spas and wellness resorts offer sugar-free detox diets. Promising better digestion, increased energy, and clearer skin. With more people turning away from sugar every day. They expect to see more spas and resorts offering the service.

5. Wellness trends—Sleep optimization

women sleeping on an ergonomic pillow for better sleep

It’s not us at relaxer who have been talking about the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. Many people have been talking more and more about the benefits of sleep. People are starting to listen. Everyone is starting to recognize the importance of sleep. They try to figure out how to optimize it. Everyone is trying to optimize their sleep by researching the best sleeping position. Buying smart mattresses, or using sleep tracking apps. More and more people are now trying to get the most out of their good night’s rest. Recently, more and more research shows that massage device could improve our sleeping quality.

cheap massage chair

6. Wellness trends—Brain-boosting supplements

A trend that emerged at the end of 2019. We will see growth throughout 2019. It is the use of brain-boosting supplements to enhance thinking and reduce stress. Called nootropics, these supplements help reduce brain fog and stress levels. These cognitive performance enhancers were first made popular by biohackers in silicon valley. They are now reaching a wider audience. Thanks to their reputation for fine-tuning minds and lowering stress. Limitless anyone?

7. Wellness trends— Clean makeup

makeup brushes, eyelash curler, and palette

Here’s one for the ladies. A trend you can expect to see in your makeup store is a growing amount of clean, non-toxic makeup products. A growing amount of women are beginning to question the health impact. It makeup with questionable ingredients might be having on their bodies. There is now a growing demand for “clean” Makeup. It uses non-toxic, natural ingredients. And this demand is being met by a growing number of clean cosmetic companies. This growth is thanks to companies beginning to make every pigmented shade you could ask for. And all without the toxic, non-organic ingredients

8. Wellness trends—Medical testing

medical testing facility for a spa

Nowadays spas aren’t offering stress-relief and relaxation. More and more spas are beginning to offer a medical component as well. With many clients dealing with a serious health issue or having a specific focus (such as weight loss). Spas have begun to offer enhanced facilities focusing on genetics testing and biometrics. These treatments have highly-trained specialists run tests to determine what ails you. And how to treat your issues. Some issues could be solved through foot massager, It could relieve issue pressure. The trend at spas this year is to offer personalized programs. It include customized diets based on dna and blood type

back and neck massager

9. Wellness trends—Extreme bathing

wim ‘the iceman’ hof sitting in snow for cold exposure

One trend we will be seeing this year is that. People trying to “find comfort in uncomfortable situations”. We’re talking about extreme heat and extreme cold exposure. Many people are beginning to learn the techniques of and attend the retreat of wim “the iceman”. Hof, who touts the benefits of extreme cold exposure and is a rising star in the wellness world. And it’s not wim hof who is preaching the benefits of cold exposure. Here is paul chek on the benefits of taking cold showers.

10. Wellness trends–Deep tissue massage

man receives deep tissue massage

A growing trend in 2019 that looks set to continue to grow this year is deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage is so good at relieving muscle pain (as well as other benefits). That experts from massage therapists to fitness experts are recommending it. Deep tissue massage works by breaking down adhesions to relieve pain. They restore normal movement. It often releases chronic muscle tension. Adhesions can be the result of injury, overuse, or dehydration. And occur when the muscle contracted. The massage therapist can break down these adhesions using direct deep pressure. A cousin of deep tissue massage is trigger point massage. You can also do deep tissue massage yourself using a foam roller or handheld massager.

These are the top 10 relaxes and wellness in 2020. Each of them has their advantage, we should try to find time to do these things. But many people could not find enough time to do all these things. Especially some women they need to work and take care of all the family members. So they wonder if there is a solution which is more convenient and saves time.

tisscare massager
cheap massage chair

Here is some good news. According to american science magazine. It states that deep tissue massage is good for your body. You could  relax after a long time. Most important is that you could do it in your home after you end your tired hard working. You do not need to ride to the gym, you do not need to spend much money in the spa. So it is very popular now.

To meet a person’s needs, our company started to design a deep tissue massage. We have foot massage, neck massage and back massage. It has a good reputation after we export to other countries. We could guarantee the quality and competitive price. We could guarantee the service time, it could last at least one year. Because we only buy high quality material, it is pure non-pollution material. You could use it with complete confidence. You could use it at any place, such as in your office, in your bedroom, in your car. You will love it after you use it for a short time.


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