The Harm of Fascia tightness go far beyond your cognition

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The word of Fascia is unfamiliar for many people, Especially for those people who rarely take exercise. So they are even less aware of the harm of fascia tightness. Fascia is a kind of tissue in our body, It has always existed inside of our body but we do not know its function. It did not get enough attention for thousands of years until the material prosperity was achieved. We began to not only pursue more than material abundance, but also enjoy a wonderful life. 

“Doing some exercise in the gym to improve our physical quality and make us more happy; traveling around the world to enjoy different sceneries, trying different foods from different places. Taking a SPA to relax your body and mind, release the exhaustion of the day and so on. These things all are beyond our ancestry imagination. We are obliged to admit the fact that we live in a much better world than our ancestors. Here, I want to say it sincerely that we should be grateful for everything we own. The research of fascia is one of the outcomes in which we pursue a high quality life. Even though it is very common, many people do not know it.

All right, let’s get back to the point. Just because the development of our living standard, people turn the concern from material life into spirit life. We began to pursue something which could make us feel more happier. So plenty of important but neglected concepts are brought into public view by the health professional. Such as Sub-health, climacterium, Vitamin deficiency, varicose veins, fascia tightness and so on. Amid all the new problems, fascia tightness could cause the most unobvious and indirect to our body. “ Unobvious impact” does not mean the minimal impact, it means that we could not associate the impact with the fascia tightness. Many people even do not know what it is.

So let’s look at the impact of fascia tightness. Fascia has been classified by layer, They are superficial fascia, deep fascia, and visceral fascia. Different parts of the fascia have different impacts on our body.  Fascia is the most common tissue in our body. It appears everywhere throughout our body, it is the base construction of our body. Since it spreads all over the body, so as to it is the connection between each cell with the external environment. Fascia not only defines the shape between inside and outside of your organs, but also provides supporting structure. So we could see the importance of fascia.Then let’s see its definition one by one.

1.Superficial fascia: It is a kind of fascia which is located beneath the skin. Capillaries and lymphatics cross it. It also includes many Neurosurgery. It connected with subcutaneous fat. Superficial fascia not only stock extra water and metabolism, but also stock hormone. the breakdown products of neurotransmitters and other chemical substances. 

2.Visceral or parietal fascia:  Visceral fascia (also called subserous fascia) suspends the organs within their cavities and wraps them in layers of connective tissue membranes. Each of the organs is covered in a double layer of fascia; these layers are separated by a thin serous membrane.

3.Deep fascia: The fascia that surrounds a single muscle fiber, fiber bundle, and entire muscle. It’s tougher and denser. Large areas of fascia divide the body into several parts, such as enterocoelic. Deep fascia also defines muscle and organ. Covering and surrounding the heart is pericardium. Inside of the chest is pleura. They are all special deep fascia.

Now we know its definition, then we should see its function. The function of fascia mainly includes 6 aspects:

1.Composition and support effects: Make the body and its components have a certain shape and fix the parts in a certain place.

2.Restriction effects: By providing firm boundaries and increasing muscle strength, the muscles that remove the fascia become significantly weaker

3.Guidance and plastic effects: Bones without fascia will not heal easily if they are injured.

4.Containment and segregation effects: The fascia contains and directs fluid, helping to prevent the spread of infection.

5.Provides internal structure for branching systems: The tubes and capillaries that support the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

6.To regenerate the knotted hoof tissue: Meet the needs of thickening connective tissue and help repair tendons and ligaments.

Now we know the function of the fascia, we should realise the importance of fascia. Once there are some problems with our fascia, such as fascia tightness and fasciitis, it must cause many pain to our body. Today, I want to share some knowledge about how to treat fascia tightness. Believe me, These ways could effectively relieve the fascia tightness.

Stretching is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

1.Stretching is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

Stretching is very important for those who do regular exercise. It could warm up your body before you do some violent exercise, so as to avoid fascia tightness. If you do not do stretching before your exercise, you are more likely to have ankle sprain or other prain. Usually we need about 10-15 minutes to do stretching before we do exercise. Through stretching our body could prepare for our exercise, so our body is more safe when we do exercise.

Stretching is also very important after you finish your exercise. The process we do some exercise just like we ride a car, if we want to stop the car, firstly we need to reduce the speed slowly. When the speed is low enough then we could  stop the car. It has the same principle with our exercise, if we stop our exercise very suddenly, all the joints do not prepare for it. It is more likely to be hurt or intensity fascia tightness if we stop it at that time. 

Except to warm up our body, stretching also has another important role. It could relax the deep of our muscle which relieve Superficial fascia tightness. So we will not feel tense if we exercise a long time. Stretching is more like a lube for our body, it lubricates between our muscles and our Superficial fascia which could avoid fascia tightness problem. Tightening facial problems always cause many pain in the whole of our body, so we should do some stretching. It is convenient and free. I have written one article about how to do the stretching, it is very easy. If you need, you could read my previous article about stretching. 

Yoga is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

2.Yoga is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

In this fast-paced modern society, life can sometimes be very stressful. We live with anxiety and tense. This kind of life could consume our passion. Good thing is we have yoga. Yoga is very welcomed in the last several years, especially by women who want to keep slim. Many people think yoga is a great choice to lose weight, especially bikram yoga. Yoga is really effective to lose weight, but the benefits are more than that. According to recent research, yoga has three main benefits to our body. 

  1. Practicing yoga could improve our physical and psychological health, boost our well-being. Keep notice those people who often practice yoga, they always feel fresh and energetic. Yoga could enhance your physical level and relieve your stress.
  2. Through yoga’ relaxation movement, your muscles could be relaxed. This could lead to a more deep relax which relax your superficial fascia tightness. The relaxation of Fascia could eliminate your whole body pain. So yoga has the same benefits with massage in that respect.

It is a little tough for those new users to do some yoga posts. Do not worry about it, you could do it very easily after you do it for several months. You could feel the change from your body to your mind. In fact, It is very interesting to do some yoga every morning. you could feel more energetic and refresh. Our lives depend on our mood, so a calm mood could make us become happier people. You will love it just like those people who become obsessed with yoga. What are we hesitating about, let’s do it. 

Foam roller is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

3.Foam roller is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

Fascia tightness and muscles are the main reason which could cause our body pain. Even if you do not exercise, some pain is still relevant with fascia tightness. For example, many of us need to work in an office, our work pattern is to sit and work for more than 8 hours. Over time, The fascia tightness problem appears on our back, waist, chest feel tense, you will feel pain in your body. Not to mention those who need to exercise every day, if they do not do stretching before and after they exercise, their fascia tightness problem would become very tense.

Foam roller could resolve the fascia tightness problem very well. Foam roller is a very good massager. When we put our body on the foam roller, some muscle group is stimulated by the pinion of foam roller, it could effectively massage the deep tissue. So It has a very good  effect for relieving the tense muscles and fascia tightness.

Especially for those people who finish their speed training, long distance running. The foam roller could make their legs relief very quickly. So It is a necessity for every athlete. For those people who rarely do exercise, they also could use foam roller when they end their one day hard working. It could effectively relieve their tiredness make them feel relaxed and energetic.

If you do not know how to use it, you could search for some guidance from  youtube videos. There are too many videos about its use. It is not difficult and you could learn it very quickly. There is one thing I should remind you, It is very painful when you try it for the first time, especially when you never do stretching after you finish your exercise. Your fascia tightness is serious, it needs some time to become smooth. Hang in there and don’t give up. The pain became more and more slight, most importantly, you could feel relaxed through all your body.

Sauna is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

4 Sauna is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

Sauna referred to the process which uses steam to therapy our body in an enclosed room. The temperature in this room reaches up to 90 degree. Sauna originates from Finland, it has two thousand years historial. It takes advantage of the dry blowing repeatedly to stimulate our blood veins, make the veins enlarge and shrink. So it could enhance vascular elasticity, and has the effects for prevention of vascular sclerosis. 

Sauna has become a very popular wellness programme in recent years. More and more people like to take a sauna on the weekend. They could feel more energetic and more relaxed after the sauna. Why do it have so many benefits to our body? The research found that our whole body blood capillary could be expanded and all the muscle could be relaxed totally. It could improve the skin cells transparency and relax the subcutaneous tissue, so the tighten fascia could be relieved very well.

Except to relieve the tightening fascia, the sauna also has other benefits to our body. 

  1. Promotes detoxification of the body: it could improve our metabolism. Through increased blood circulation, help our body to eliminate toxins.
  2. Lose weight: around the high temperature surrounding, it could promote perspiration, eliminate the extra heat, burn excess fat, so it could aim to lose weight and keep slim.

So we should do sauna once a while, but not too often. Too much sauna is not good for our body. Not all kinds of people are suitable for saunas, such as pregnant women, old people and so on. Even for those who are suitable for saunas, they should pay attention to three points when they do saunas. 1. Do not spend too much time once, it could burden your heart. 2. Dry your body after you get out, in case the moisture goes into your body. 3. Do not take saunas when you are hungry and take it 1 hour after your meal. 

5.Massage is an effective way to relieve fascia tightness

Massage is a traditional treatment, it is very effective. It has the similar principle with foam roller, it is just a massage that is more comfortable, since we do not need to move our body to press the foam roller, which could make us very tired. For some people who do not like exercise, they feel like they are doing some exercise when they use the foam roller. This is very tough for them. So they prefer to do some massage. Since it almost has the same effects.

Except relieving the fascia tightness, massage has some other effects on our body, it could improve our whole body blood circulation and relieve our muscle tightness. Most importantly, Every part of your body could be massaged, this is an important reason why foam rollers could not replace the massage.

As we all know, the place could provide massage service always located in the centre of your city. But most of us live far away from the city, so this is a big problem, we always need to take a taxi or drive by ourselves to go far away from our house. Not to mention the heavy traffic and the precious time we spend on the road, sometimes, we only do massages a few times one year just because of these reasons. So Massager devices appear to resolve this problem very well. 

This shiatsu foot massage is a high rated foot massage machine which combines the traditional shiatsu technique with the modern high technology. You could enjoy the same massage experience through this shiatsu foot massage with the experience therapist brings to you. Even though it is not a battery powered foot massager, It is equipped with remote control. Deep kneading shiatsu pads and nodes squeeze your feet like the real hands of a professional masseur, targeting acupressure points to reward your overworked calf or foot by relieving unbearable pain due to long standing hours at work. It feels like a bed bath and beyond foot massager, you feel totally relaxed after using the foot massager. 

This shiatsu foot massage not only uses many massage manipulations to relax you, but also heats your feet to improve your blood circulation. You could adjust the speed and tense degree with the remote control. It is the best automatic foot massager. Our company brand tisscare has the parent for this shiatsu foot massager, it is rated as the foot massager best brand. We receive many good reviews from our customers. Some customers buy it as a gift for their parents or other relatives, some customers even make some videos to promote our shiatsu foot massager. I appreciate it very much. Here I want to say, we could not get so much progress without your trust and support. 

Through continually providing high quality products which could make your life more convenient and comfortable, we want to make every customer have a happier life,  this is also our commission. I hope this article is useful for you, if you like it, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends, maybe they also need it.


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