About Us

Our story

Welcome to Tissue! Do you have aches and muscle stiffness on your neck, shoulder, back and foot, or your whole body frequently? That's why we were found and provided every one of our customers with the most innovative, relaxing, and therapeutic, health and personal care products, backed by time-tested science and new technology.

Our mission is to improve our customers lives, to help everyone on Earth move better, live better and be better. No matter who you are, no matter what life throws your way, our suite of innovative products are here to make it easy to live your well every day.

We understand that wellness is a personal cycle of physical and mental relief, renewal, prevention, and sustainable activities that support sound health in the stressful world. We are dedicated to helping our clients live healthier and happier lives, to provide a non-invasive solution to help replenish and restore your muscles and aches and pains with all of our many products.

In 2010, we were founded by a fitness enthusias, who is an own of a gym and sports shop. Over the years developed and grown, we have 5 factories and our innovative products have been used by the consumers in over 70 countries throughout the globe.